Top 5 reasons why the cruise from Mumbai to Goa takes over all the other means of commuting

Mumbai to Goa is one of the most commonly planned journeys by travel freaks. Further, with the launch of a seven-deck luxurious Mumbai to Goa cruise – Angriya, the popularity of other traveling modes have reduced, the ones which carried people from Mumbai to Goa. Needless to mention, people would not prefer any other mode of transport when offered a chance to explore the place via sea-route. Besides, no one would really want to miss the journey with delicious food, drink, spa, swimming pool and of course dance to the discotheque. Yes, the latest Mumbai to Goa cruise has it all, which is why it was easy for it to take over other modes of commuting.

Below are five main factors that let you know why the cruise is the perfect vogue plan among other commuting ways from Mumbai to Goa.

Luxury cruise ship – Angriya will carry passengers from Mumbai to Goa. Source: Livemint

Facilities come first

As far as traveling is concerned, a journey is supposed to be not tiring at all. On the other hand, who would not love fine cuisine along with a twist of spa facilities, luxurious accommodation, and soothing breeze as he sails while witnessing the 360-degree view of the scenic beauty of the Indian Ocean? Besides, the swimming facility is an additional charm in the journey.

Boost in the tourism

Mumbai is one of the leading tourist places in India. While tourism is gaining notably good in the state, the advent of the Mumbai to Goa cruise has proved as a boon to this industry. According to the reports, the state has experienced a rise of 23 per cent in the year 2017 alone. This is one of the main reasons why the government is finding it lucrative spending on the cruise rather than other mediums of transport. With the latest plan, the government has proposed to link other tourist places in India with Mumbai as well as some parts of South-east Asia. Besides, the tourism industry here is also providing great employment opportunities in India.

Expense is reasonable

The price for sailing through Angriya starts at Rs. 7,000. If this seems expensive to you, you need to check out the details of the offerings. The timeless experience of cruise journey is all set to make you wow with its world-class interior, amazingly satisfying room services, lounge, bar and swimming pool for eternal relaxation. Also, if you are the person who hates long-hours of the journey, try this and you won’t be able to get your feet off.

Water-ways can be de-stressing

A journey is all about coping with daily life stress and nothing seems to be exploiting you from inside if you find yourself amidst the open sky and water, good food and music. Everything that feels sophisticated and refreshing can be availed with a journey through a cruise.


Plan an event on-board

Interestingly, the cruise gives you an opportunity to plan any event, be it a birthday party, a wedding ceremony or other celebrations. Besides, one can also organize a corporate meeting. A passenger will have to expand one of the restaurants on the cruise in organizing an event.

With all of the above benefits, it is likely for the cruise to take over other mediums of traveling. The cruise is offering travelers and tourists with everything that other transport modes are not. Also, if you want to enjoy the view of sunset and sunrise, then the Angriya cruise is your fittest travel assistant. It leaves at 4 pm from Mumbai and arrives at 9 am in Goa and vice versa, offering you the opportunity to witness both. You can also click here to know more details. Hence, a cruise can be considered as an incentive while you live your holiday life.