How to Pick the Best Accommodation in Southern Taiwan Kenting

When it comes to a relaxed, fun-filled vacation in Asia, where comes to mind? Well, a good-old beach vacations still a platonic ideal, but that’s not all while thinking of touring Taiwan’s Kenting. With its white-sand beaches, coral reefs, caves, and mountains to explore, not to mention rich culture, mouth-watering cuisine, and incredible shopping experience at night markets – Kenting is a charming tour destination in East Asia that is perfect for a romantic couple’s escape or a family’s getaway.

Nowadays we all long to escape urban life, from the hustle and pollution of the cities. So Kentingis perfect. Located at the southern tip of Taiwan peninsular, this town is off-the-radar and has less traffic and fewer crowds to contend with.

While touring this scenic town of Kenting, you need to find the best local accommodation that meets your needs, such as

So we have put together some factors to consider when choosing an ideal accommodation in Kenting below.


Though they say the location of an accommodation is a critical part of consideration during booking,we findthat unique places to stay are usually not found in the city center. Especially in Asia, to enjoy higher doses of nature and live in close harmony with the land, the Taiwan Minsu (meaning guesthouses or bed & breakfast) are generally located at the suburb areas. In order to experience nature, you have to be living within.

Minsu are characterized by staying with the owners, but you don’t have to worry about squeezing in the same room with them. The minsu nowadays have a few rooms and are commonly decorated with themes such as farm, beach or contemporary.

Taiwan Kenting

Moreover you need not be worried as public transportation and vehicle rentals are readily available in Taiwan. Unfortunately most minsu in Taiwan are listed in Mandarin, so it may not be easy to find one. And if it’s only found in Mandarin, the owners may then not be able to communicate in English.

The facilities

How frustrating would it be to arrive only to realize that you needed to bring personal items to facilitate your stay? Different types of accommodation are equipped with varying facilities, some that would be best suited for your distinctive needs, such as catering to your young children or people with disabilities. You don’t want your sweet vacation to be derailed by accommodation options that doesn’t facilitate a comfortable stay regardless of the uniqueness of your situation. Here we stress the need to evaluate the facilities and how they affect your vacation keenly.

The perks

In addition to providing a safe place to rest after a long, tiring day of activities; meals, and other essential amenities, what else other services can you get from the Minsu? Your tour plans could include local immersion, for example, diving excursion or how to prepare a particular local cuisine, to mention a few. As such, while choosing an accommodation option, you need to check out other services offered and how they will enhance your vacation experience, saving more time while ensuring you achieve your goals. With KentingMinsu& Guesthouse, for instance, apart from the guesthouse services, you get a chance to check out diving, local immersionand other experiential tourism services.

The price

Checking your budget while picking an accommodation is significant, but don’t make the mistake of falling for irresistible offers that don’t match your needs. Vacation is time to chill, have fun, and create memorable moments without breaking your bank. With a keen eye, you can spot reasonably priced lodgings that offer value for your money. The trick is weighing the price against the value you get.

For instance, a cheaper rate could mean lesser amenities, such as shared toilet, an inconvenience that could be quite frustrating for some. A more expensive guesthouse, on the other hand, could mean more tastefully furnished and better location that ensures your overseas trip is as smooth as it can get, providing better value compared to the lower rates.

From exploring the 2km long night market, relaxing on white-sand beaches, diving in the amazing waters, tasting and learning how to make local beer, to fantastic nightlife and cuisine, justto mention a few, Kenting is definitely an excellent vacation destination. With the above tips, you caneasily pick an ideal accommodation in Taiwan, ensuring that you get the most out of your experiential vacation.