5 places that make Kovalam a bucket-list-worthy destination

Kovalam has gained popularity in recent times owing to its pristine beaches, azure waters, and low tidal waves. The beaches stretching for as long as the eye can see, are ideal for swimming owing to the shallow waters. Once an uninhabited fishing village, 5 Star hotels, as well as the beach resorts in Kovalam, are teeming with tourists today. We list five places that make Kovalam worthy of your bucket list-

The Lighthouse beach

Once a fisherman port, the beach now is popular with tourists. The beach is so named because of the red and white lighthouse that adorns the beach. The 45-year-old lighthouse is still in working condition. The tower gives you the best aerial view of the surrounding village and the Arabian Sea. The waters are shallow and warm enough to go for a swim. You can also indulge in watersports like paragliding, surfing and parasailing on the beach.

Hawah beach

Known as Eve’s beach, it is just opposite to the Lighthouse beach. It is close by to most of the 5 star hotels as well as beach resorts in Kovalam. Fishermen start their everyday fishing trips from this beach. Take a morning stroll along the beach, and you would hear locals singing and chanting in their native language complemented by the chirping of the birds. The beach is quite a soothing treat for eyes as well as ears. The beach offers watersports for the adventurous and is equally relaxing for those looking to unwind. You can also enjoy a mesmerizing sunset with your loved one at the palm tree-lined shoreline. The beach is a sight to behold on a moonlit night.

Karamana River

This broad and gentle river originates in the Sahyadri ranges. The river merges with the Arabian Sea at Kovalam. There are lush green forests in the catchment area of the river. The riverbank is lined with coconut trees, pepper and rice crops. The river is perfect boating. Enjoy the scenic vistas in a houseboat as you cruise along the gentle stream. For those looking for something more exciting, the river offers you the option of canoe riding and kayaking.

Neyyar dam

The dam is a must-visit for nature lovers. Adjoining the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary, the lush green forests and the lake make for a majestic view. The beautiful lake that it forms is a picnic spot that is popular with locals and tourists alike. You can go for boating in the Dam Lake or relax and unwind on the banks with your friends and family. You can also go for a wildlife safari in the sanctuary nearby. Be it a budget accommodation or a 5 star hotel in Kovalam; they would be more than happy to arrange for a tour.

Kovalam Art gallery

The Kovalam art gallery located close the Hawah beach is a paradise for art lovers. It is home to some of the intricately painted artworks and sculpted artefacts. A well-preserved collection of rare fresco paintings and art is the star attraction of this art gallery. Post visiting the gallery, you can gorge on the lip-smacking local fare on the shops that line the nearby Hawah beach.

Kovalam is the best place to enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea. If you are planning for a trip after the monsoons be sure to make your bookings beforehand to avoid last-minute rush; as the 5 star hotels, as well as the beach resorts in Kovalam,  tend to get sold out quickly.

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Four of the most popular and common accommodations you can stay when you travel

If you are planning to travel sooner or later, one of the most important aspects that you must determine is the accommodation or the place that you will be staying for the next couple of days or weeks.

Finding a suitable and comfortable accommodation is a very crucial aspect of your upcoming trip and it can create a huge impact on the destination that you are planning to go. There are a lot of reasons as to why a lot of people want a certain accommodation that they can stay in. These could go from the price, the location, the facility, and the amenities it offers.

best Find Tours

One of the best ways to save on your trip expenses is to choose the right accommodation that fits your needs which comes with the lowest cost as possible. To give you an idea of the different types of accommodations that you can choose from, continue reading this post courtesy of the best wine tours, accommodation and experiences in South Australia.

  1. Hotel– The best and most common choice of accommodation is the hotel, while it is commonly accepted that hotels are quite expensive, however, the truth is that hotels are a very good and a very cheap alternative. When you are looking for a hotel to stay in, it is very important for you to compare the hotels that you listed down or found in your search engine. You must determine the different rates and the different amenities it provides to their guests.
  2. Apartment rentals– If you are planning to visit a city for a longer period of time, searching for an apartment rental is a very good choice because you have the most or even all of the needed amenities of an apartment which comes lesser than the price of a hotel. You can surely rent a good rental company or from individuals who let their apartment rented out for travelers like you. Usually, people from big cities let their apartment units get rented out if they are not using them and this is a good way for the owner to profit from it through travelers who seek a good accommodation.
  3. Timeshare rentals– This kind of property, meanwhile, is usually available by weekly accommodation at resorts, however, these can be a very cost-effective choice especially if you are traveling with your friends or companions. Timeshare units are usually very similar to hotel suits, except the bedroom is usually separated from the other rooms of it. These are also set up with bigger kitchens which include different appliances, utensils, and other needed things which is actually a good way to save money and time for the guests.
  4. Bed and Breakfast– One of the most popular accommodations nowadays is the Bed and Breakfast which are equally cheap and convenient than hostels. This is a very good choice for families and couples because it offers a lot more privacy compared to hostels and also it has a good quality that feels like home knowing that these places are owned by individuals or people who opted to commercialize their house or condo units for people and travelers like you.

For great experience touring around Australia, check out the best Find Tours, Accommodation & Experiences In South Australia.

If You Only Have One Day In Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is absolutely amazing and if you are a foodie, it is one of the topmost travel destinations for you. The city gives out a warm and vibrant feeling and is definitely one of the coolest places to go on the planet. Not only does it offer fun and excitement but it is also heaven for someone looking to eat great food and enjoy exotic drinks.

All you have to do is to walk down the streets and the delicious aroma of the incredible and hauntingly tasty food will waft through your nostrils and make you forget about any plans that you might have had. So, without further ado, I share with you the things that you just cannot miss the next time you are in Rio de Janeiro.


Now we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here, I would like to suggest the breakfast of champions (only I call it that) which is a sandwich of Minas Gerais-style grilling sausage. You have got to try ‘Pao com Linguica’ which means “Bread with Sausage”, with the friendly food cart owners.

The sausages are cooked on grills. Your mouth will immediately start watering when you see the delicious, pink, fatty sausages being grilled and flipped.

You will go there for one and stay for another and then another. If you want a recommendation, then go for the double sausage combo sandwich. It is served on a crisp, mini French baguette and is covered from tip to tip with the most amazing aioli sauce, which is a mixture of different herbs and mayonnaise. There are other choices as well.

Mid Morning Espresso

After your breakfast, I’m sure you must have gone to a few places for sightseeing. I would suggest visiting the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Take the Corcovado Tram to the top.

I would love to talk about the breathtaking view from the top and the amazing tram ride but since I’m all about food and Epicurean Tours, I’m going to keep  it about food. That is the reason I’m suggesting the Tram ride. Because once you get out of the tram, just 100 meters away you will find Folie a Deux, which serves the most delicious coffee that you have ever tasted. And it doesn’t put a lot of burden on your pocket as well.

They roast their coffee in-house, which is the best way to do it, and they have a selection of coffee beans from Bahia to match your taste. You can sit inside or take your coffee outside to sit under the trees for a minute and enjoy the street life and prepare yourself for the next part of the journey.

Make your way down the Selaron Steps, which are about 5km away from the Trem do Corcovado staion. You must have seen these steps as they have been featured in a lot of documentaries and music videos. Rio de Janeiro is not complete without the mention of these steps.


As you enjoy your day in Rio de Janeiro, you approach lunch time. The sun is shining down brightly and lunch is always a good thing in Rio de Janeiro.

Let me tell you about your number 1 lunch destination in Rio. For all the meat lovers out there, it has to be the Bar Café Rex. This café merits an entire article on its food and beverages including the photos. You will wish that you could end every morning in the same way as you are doing now.

One thing that you should take care of is that most of the restaurants in Rio de Janeiro are open on the weekends, so they take their break on Mondays.

At Café Rex, you get great food with the most courteous and friendly service that you can ever hope for. Go for the 16-inch platters of sausages, tender beef, and rotisserie chicken.

Portions sizes here are quite large and for most of us they are enough to get us through the entire day. Once you’ve been there, you will always remember the café with fondness and hunger pangs. If you were able to do so, you would go there just for lunch at Café Rex.

They have an exotic and diverse menu which includes the ox tails, sausages, rotisserie chicken, cheese as appetizer, among others.

Evenings At The Beach

Now, how can you go to Rio de Janeiro and not visit the beaches. Who here hasn’t heard of Copacabana? Copacabana is the perfect place to lie down and enjoy the sun, or go for a swim, or play some beach sports with friends or local pros. The scenery is spectacular and the waves are huge.

Get A Snack

If you need something to munch on, try the popular light snack, Biscoito Globo. Made from cassava, these biscuits are light, airy, and delicious. If you feel the need to hydrate yourself, just go for a simple and delicious fresh coconut.


End the perfect day with the perfect Brazilian Meat Kebabs from the street vendors. You will find a huge assortment of items that go really well with the kebabs. Eat it right there, or get it packed to take it with you.

Rio de Janeiro is an exceptional place with friendly people, lots of attractions, and tasty meaty meals for you throughout the day. If you go there, make sure you go for more than a day so you can really enjoy the different types of dishes and beverages over there.

Why dual citizenship of Dominica is advantageous?

Having dual citizenship does have a lot of benefits. Once you start living and working in Dominica you will enjoy several benefits. This Investment Program was established in the year 1993 in order to help in the growth of the Dominica economy. One can say that Dominica’s economy has flourished a lot after the incorporation of this investment program for citizenship.

In order to gain the Dominica Citizenship, you will have to make an investment in the real estate or make a contribution or donation to the government of Dominica. After you make the investment you can say that you have contributed to the betterment of the country and which is why you deserve to be their citizens.

After you become a successful applicant, you will be eligible for both dual and multiple citizenships of Dominica. The benefits that you will enjoy are stated below:

The Benefits of having dual citizenship

  • People are attracted towards settling in Dominica because it is a happy place. This country has a serene atmosphere and several places of attractions that have compelled everyone to live here. Your quality of living will definitely get improved once you shift to Dominica.

Dominica has a tropical setting that will take your breath away and you will be immersed in the tranquillity and peace of this place. It is definitely a safe country with a rich culture. As people from different corners of the world are opting for their citizenship so you can see a great amalgamation of several cultures, including European and African culture.

  • The best part of obtaining dual citizenship of Dominica is you will become a citizen of Dominica and it will be passed from one generation to another without any discontinuity. So, all your future generations will become Dominican citizens by default.
  • If you become a successful applicant of Dominican citizenship, then you will enjoy numerous benefits starting from dual citizenship to multiple citizenships. It will offer you a plethora of benefits like travelling to near about 130 + countries with the help of Dominica passport visa.

If you’re thinking of using your passport for business purposes or pleasure purposes, then Dominica citizenship is going to provide you with that.

  • After getting the dual citizenship you will have the liberty of living and working here. You can also do the same with any other CARICOM member state. You will have to provide minimal taxation and pay the reduced taxes on the gift, inheritance, wealth, foreign income or capital gains.

One can carry out the duty-free trading and engage themselves with any other trading across the Caribbean. One will not have to pay import duties as well.

You can travel to the United Kingdom, Singapore and many more countries with the help of Dominican passport. This investment programme has boosted the economic condition of Dominica in the global market. If you want to get the dual citizenship of Dominica to make sure you are filling out the application form properly.

7 Amazing Ways to Make Your Business Trips Easier and More Enjoyable

When the word traveling comes to our mind, we visualize road trips, vacations in Hawaii and almost everything seems enjoyable. But that is not always the case, you see many people might travel for experiencing new places, spending time away from home or even reunite with friends who live far and these things might seem way too much fun, but for some people traveling too much may get too hectic and exhausting. Yes, I am talking about those people who travel for business.

Business travels may make you feel exhausted and tried but when everything is planned the right way you can make the most out of your business trips. So, to help you maximize the value of your business trip, we have compiled seven amazing ways that will help you make your business trips easier, more enjoyable and less hectic.

1.) Develop a Relationship with Your Go-To Hotels

One of the most useful things you can do if you are traveling to a particular place repeatedly is that you can find the right hotel and make that your go-to accommodation on every single trip, and by doing that you will make a friendly relation with the hotel. This will help you to negotiate better rates in advance of your trip. Many hotels are renowned for giving their loyal customers special and better rates than the usual. Moreover, by doing this you will reduce your stress level during the trip, mainly because you won’t have to worry about finding the right hotel every time, because you will be aware of what you are getting and you know you will like it.

2.) Make Use of Your Credit Reward Points

Another important tip that will help you reduce your business travel expenses is by maximizing your credit card points to recover almost all of your travel expenses. Many banks offer credit points to people who make a lot of transactions during travel and those credits can then be used to recover the expenses during that travel. Hence this one of the most powerful travel savings combination possible.

3.) Stay Organized and Make Sure Everything is planned

Now, this tip is one of the most underrated tips of all time, people often forget how important it is to keep everything organized and how it can make your travel so much easier. The way to success when you are traveling is by organizing your travel. The best thing you can do is to make a planner through which you will be able to look at your whole travel duration at a glance.

4.) Try to Enjoy the Moments Whenever You Can

Even though you are at work and traveling for business you should never lose the opportunity to get a glance of the city’s main attractions. A fun and inexpensive way of doing this is by taking small tours of the city, by doing that you will get to see almost all of the city in such a small amount of time.

5.) Make Sure to Bring Your Power Supply

You should always pack multiple power banks with you on your travel because you’ll never know when you will end up with no battery. As a businessman, you must take this obstacle very seriously because you cannot afford to lose your connections with your customers, employees, or co-workers at any time.

6.) Get Some Rest during Downtimes

During travels you may come across many downtimes, it can be delayed flights or even canceled flights. Now it is up to you how to make use of this time, we would recommend that rather doing more work make sure you get some rest during this downtime. It will help you relax and refresh your mind.

7.) Make Sure to Hire a Travel Agency

Hiring a business travel agency can be very useful, all you need to do is inform them of the number of people traveling and the type of accommodation required, and you are done. The travel agency will manage almost everything for you from your transport to your hotel and everything is done in a matter of minutes.

Traveling might be very refreshing for vacation but it is nothing like going on a business trip. A business trip can be very tiring and hectic, but if you follow these simple tips you won’t have anything to worry about, and you’ll be able to make the most out of your business trips.

7 Exciting Things You Can Plan For Vacations with Your Teens

7 Exciting Things You Can Plan For Vacations with Your Teens

Are your children bored with your plans because they are aging and need some fun in their life? Then it’s high time you think about adding some adventure in their lives. Going on a family trip and viewing scenic beauties of that place is not the thing that every person wishes for. If your son or daughter is 17 then surprise them with an exciting and adventurous trip that would make their trip a memorable one. Here are 7 fun things that you can plan for vacations and make memory.

1)     Choose an Amusement Park that is filled with thrill and excitement

This may not be a difficult task because there are ample of amusement parks located in different countries. Whether you take your child to a roller coaster ride or make them experience the world’s tallest slide they will be much happier than you would have ever seen them. A thrilling surprise by parents makes the children overjoyed and they get closer with them.

Georgia campground

2)     Take a road trip

This may sound boring but a road trip with your family to a hill station or somewhere else would be an amazing choice. Driving to a calm and serene place where there is no one to disturb you all would be the best therapy for you after a hectic week. Expose your children to beautiful sceneries outside the window and have a delicious dinner on the way to your destination. This would be the best way to have long conversations with your teens and they will surely enjoy a long drive with you.

3)     Let your children discover the hidden talent in them

Capturing scenic views and clicking happy moments with your friends and family is a way of meditating your mind. You gratify your soul and make yourself happy. To let your child discover their talent give them a camera and ask them to capture unusual things. Take them to a mountain or a landscape where they can hunt for different scenic views and cherish happy moments with each other.

4)     Plan a Bonfire night

Playing songs along with the fire and having a soothing environment around with your loved ones is a blissful moment everyone would love to have. So plan a bonfire night in a soothing place and gather your family members. Play games and have a chit chat session with your teens so that they open up with you.

5)     Scuba diving and snorkeling

A life without a dive is an incomplete life. Scuba diving is a thrill that everyone should experience in their life. If your teen is a lover of water then plan your next vacay to a place where you guys can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling. Explore the beauty of marine life and rejuvenate your soul.

6)     Camping

Who wouldn’t love camping? There would be very rare people in this world who would run away from camping but those who love to invite some adventure in their life should go for a camping session once a year. Take your child to the Stone Mountain park campground where they will discover an exciting range of activities that will leave them in awe. This Georgia campground is the best camping place so far which provides all types of activities in one place. Whether you want Safari tents or RV rentals or yurt rentals you will get everything in one platform. The only thing you need to do is to get your tickets booked for this amazing place that will astonish your teens. With a range of recreational activities and family-friendly attractions, this place is a must-visit place for your next vacation trip.

7)     Bungee jumping

Flying high up from the floor and exploring the beautiful skies from a height is what everyone wants to experience for once in their lifetime. So surprise your teen with an incredible bungee jumping experience and let their soul fly high. It would be better if you jump with them too and make them feel that you are with them always.

There are times when children want to get closer with their parents but they don’t find chances to open up. There wouldn’t be the best option than taking your teenagers to vacation and having bonding sessions with them. So excite them with a wonderful vacation trip to a place that they have never dreamed of. Follow these exciting things and surprise your teens with a marvelous journey.

A First Timer’s Guide By LBB About Goa’s Wonderful Beaches And Shacks

What is the first thing that will come to your mind upon planning a trip to Goa? It is probably the sun-kissed beaches, charming and magnificent shacks, water sports, sizzling nightlife, and seafood. Yes, these are the things that one will never try to miss experiencing while planning to make a visit to Goa and have the pleasure of a tropical holiday.

This Goa tourism guide will not just mention the must-visit places in Goa. Rather the chosen places mentioned here are a perfect blend of peaceful, calm, clean, and offbeat beaches and shacks in Goa that you must not afford to miss while visiting Goa for the first time. So if you prefer pleasure, peace, and relatively undiscovered adventure then here it is for you. For more information, you can visit the wonderful Goa tourism guide on LBB as well.

Dream Catcher, Palolem Beach

Location: Dream Catcher, Palolem Beach

While most visitors are acquainted with the name of Baga and Calangute beaches in Goa, the Palolem beach is one of the most fun-filled beaches in South Goa. The beach is full of excitement and activities and attracts fun-loving visitors. The activities and water sports on this beach are a major attraction for the children and teenagers alike. Now when you are on Palolem beach, then the shacks, bars, water sports, and water ride available on this beach add to the excitement and happiness of the visitors. Dream Catcher is a resort-cum-shack on the north of this beach and also offers a homestay facility. The shack offers very cheap alcohol and pretty delicious vegetarian food as well as non-vegetarian cuisines that fits into your budget as well. The service of the staffs is overwhelming and they are indeed very polite and helpful in attitude. You can find more about this shack on LBB.

Sam’s Goan Beach Shack, Majorda Beach

Location: Sam’s Goan Beach Shack, Majorda Beach

A 30 minutes drive from Goa airport will bring you to Majorda Beach in South Goa. This is a perfect destination where you would like to spend a couple of days with your family. The magnificent homestays and resorts will offer a pleasurable experience to the visitors and the white sand in the beaches will offer a soothing and pleasant experience. So if your mind wants peace and leisure at the same time then this will be the best place you can plan to spend in Goa. The beauty and calmness of the secluded and undisturbed beach will provide for a totally gorgeous experience to the visitors.

While you visit the beach, do not miss out on visiting the Sam’s Goan Beach Shack. The fabulous foodservice and famous prawn cocktails available here keeps you entertained while waiting for the sunset. The staff here are always very keen and eager to help their customers.

Balton’s, Utorda Beach

This beach is heaven when surrounded by dark clouds during October and rain’s lashing down. The security provided by lifeguards makes this a perfect location for the peace-loving travelers. Although finding a crazy rush in water sports is missing from this beach but this is a sweet spot with some shacks around the beachfront.

Out of very few shacks on this beach, the Balton’s can be counted to be one of the best shack that can offer for a delectable range of cuisines with seafood being their specialty. The amazingly fresh food and warmth in hosting will make the entire visit to Goa a memorable experience for lifetime.

So, you should definitely plan a Goa trip by reading more on LBB’s Goa Tourism guides. and relish the original flavor of Goa. This list of shacks and beaches will for sure enrich your experience. For more such shacks visit LBB’s website. Now, while it is your turn to visit Goa do not forget to share your experiences with us.

Here’s How to Get the Most of a Wine Tour

Here’s How to Get the Most of a Wine Tour

You do not need to be a wine sommelier to join a wine tour. Wine tours are for those who want to see new places, meet new faces and develop their palates. If you want to experience all these things, you should first start learning about the wine regions in Australia. This way, you will know where to start.

In Australia, the production is concentrated in the South region where it nestles up to 50% of the national planted area. When you ask the locals, they will tell you that the home of premium wine is around the city of Adelaide like Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley, Barossa Valley, and McLaren Vale.

Now that you know where to start, it is time that you learn some tips to get the most of your wine tour. Here are some tips:

Know where to start

Tour Wineries In Australia will be a success if you start in the right place. Ideally, you should pick the region with the highest concentration of wineries. As mentioned, the production is concentrated in the island’s Southern part near the coast because the climate there is cooler akin to the Mediterranean.

wine regions in Australia

Plan how to get there

If you are driving, it is ideal to have a designated driver. Before going, you should check the website of the winery for directions. If you join a tour, things are easy and you will have no problems holding back.

Dress for the event

While light-colored shirts are comfortable, it is advisable to dress in dark colors. This is ideal to hide the spills. Aside from that, you should avoid dangling sleeves – or you will cause spills.

For women, wearing a flat is more sensible. If you have long hair, you should remember to tie it back so spitting is easy. If you need to carry something, you should at least put it in a purse because you will use both hands – for carrying wine glass and holding a plate of food.

Refrain from wearing fragrance

You have to understand that smell is one of the biggest parts of wine tasting. If you wear fragrance, it will be difficult to appreciate the aromas. It will not only affect you but also the wine aficionados around.

Always eat something

If you do not want to get drunk easily, you should eat something before embarking on a wine tasting tour. Getting drunk will mean not enjoying the rest of the event. If you see food offered at the tasting, make sure to grab something. While you are at it, do not forget to drink water in between so you will be hydrated.

Do not forget to spit

While you do not want to waste good wine, you should make it a point to spit. This is how you will pace yourself to get the full experience. If you think it is unglamorous, remember that experts do this always.

Converse with the winemakers

It is not everyday that you get to meet winemakers so when you have the chance, you should converse with them. A passionate winemaker will not mind your questions and will answer everything.

Learn about Student travel insurance and its benefits

Studying overseas is a tough task because you have nobody to watch your back and sometimes situations can make you fall apart. At these tough situations you cannot get immediate help but student travel insurance is a great support at a new place or country. Such insurance is absolutely good for students studying overseas as they take good care of their medical expenses, passport loss and other issues. It doesn’t let you suffer in any conditions and you can get an immediate help and financial assistance as well.

What are the benefits of student travel insurance?

When you go abroad for studying your need varies as you need more than the basic school essentials. It is even compulsory to buy travel insurance for students studying in USA. However few countries such as Singapore, UK and Australia have not made it compulsory. But, no matter where your kid is studying there are few good benefits of buying insurance for them.

Medical cover– unfortunately, if your kid meet with an accident in the foreign country then the medical expense will cost you doubles than in your country. Foreign medical expenses are very expensive. This expense is covered in the insurance where costs related to hospital, emergency surgery and other expense is also covered.

Baggage loss-in case your child lose his/her luggage that contains important documents such as passport, admission forms, currency and other valuables. In such situations insurance company provides proper support to your child.

Flight delay- in case the flight gets cancelled on the day your child is supposed to reach the university and refund is also not possible then the travelling cost becomes double. Student travel insurance also covers the cost of airfare to support you.

Legal help­– in case your kids face any legal trouble then also financial assistance related to legal issues will be covered under the policy.

What does student travel insurance include and exclude?

The insurance policy coverage differs by different insurance provider however few basic elements are covered into all of them. These are as given below:

  • Accidental death benefit
  • Medical evacuation
  • Dental treatment expenses
  • Permanent disability
  • Personal liability
  • Study interruption

Sponsor protection, Compassionate visit, Daily cash allowance benefit ,Childcare benefit ,Screening and examinations ,Emergency accommodation benefit, Hijack cash benefit and Psychological coverage are few more coverage.

However there are few things that are out of student travel insurance. Your policy may not provide expense related to pre-existing medical ailment. Suicide, mental disorder, venereal disease, HIV/AIDS, alcohol or drug abuse are not covered in the policy. Moreover, damage due to negligence or carelessness is also not covered.

Few facts related to policy

You should know few facts as well so that you don’t end up buying inadequate insurance plan. Students at or above 16 are eligible whereas the maximum limit is 35. Learn about the substitutes, cheaper premiums, compulsory clause, premium waver, mandatory risk covers and study interruption cover.

You can also cancel the plan anytime but with a justifiable reason. Check for the cancellation procedure of student travel insurance plan also.

The Perfect Pair Of Meat And Beer

The Perfect Pair Of Meat And Beer

The smokehouse restaurant and bar in Melbourne is skyrocketing with customers. A shop that is popular with its traditional meat dishes and menus. People enjoy the place as many tourists and customers keep coming in. the place is always rowdy and noisy as every table chugs their bear and munching their food. Meat is not only the dish that is on the list. The vegetable is also the favorite food of the vegetarians eating in the shop. The ambiance of the place is classy yet simple. One can eat freely without losing its posture and manners in the table. Family and friends enjoy their dine as the juicy meat increases their energy to have a fun night or lunch.

Most of the group coming to the shops are friends or gang. As they can enjoy a chilling time with each other. The most ordered dish is the smoked meat pair with the oozing of cold beer. A perfect pair as many claimed it.

A place for all occasions

The place or shop is open for all events. Be it casual or just a place to spend one’s leisure time.

One can celebrate birthdays here as the food can satisfy the celebrant and of course the other family members or if there is any guest. A group can also hold their reunion here and get drowned with drinks in the bar. Celebrate it with fun people and in a fun place. Order any desired meat, be it grilled, smoked or any type of cooking the customer’s desire. 

smokehouse restaurant and bar in Melbourne

Let’s drink some beer

Beer is a good drink to relax and to get drowned with dizziness and fun. A drink that can make people bond with each other. A good partner to any food too. The body seeks alcohol so this is the perfect shop for everyone. Food and drinks combined to a single place. Have a whole day drinking with friends and reminisce a memory from the past and let the laugh cover the place. A drink is more taste better is it is full of ice. The coldness and the taste will run down through the through and the mouth will savor the taste. Get drunk and enjoy the service.


A good service to everyone

The shops’ crew and team are well mannered and well trained. All of them are fast in serving people with all the smiles on their faces. The patience of the crew is also high and well considerate. All the orders are well served and the customers do not rant about waiting for too long or getting hungrier because of the slow service. The ratings of the shop increased because of this matter. The wines are also good and very delicious. The price is not that high and is very worth it. The place is classy but people become more energetic as they chum on the meat being served in front of them. That is only because the food was very delicious and satisfying. Customers keep coming back and the feedback section is raining with positive comments. This is also a recommendation by others in Melbourne.