Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Golf Soon!

Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Golf Soon!

Many golfers can attest that a single game is enough to stimulate their minds and challenge them physically. Even though golf is not considered as a ‘physical’ sport,  one game is enough for you to be outside and walking around for a couple of hours. Not only that, but golf is also mentally demanding. If you want to take part in Scotland, England and Ireland golf tours, then you should know the most amazing health benefits that you can get from this sport.

Boosts Heart Health

If you take the time to take part in any physical exercise, this can help your heart to pump blood. Simple activities like walking, swinging, or even carrying your bag can increase your heart rate and your blood flow. The risk of stroke and diabetes will be reduced. These activities also have positive effects when it comes to reducing your blood pressure as well as the harmful results of cholesterol. This would work effectively especially when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Helps With Brain Stimulation

One of the best things that you can benefit from walking is strengthening the memory circuits of your brain. Whether you go for a jog or a light walk around the golf course, by keeping your body moving, it also keeps your mind active. This way you are not only keeping your heart healthy but also your brain. So spending a day playing golf makes sure that your brain receives a good and strong blood supply that it needs to function.

Improve Sleep Quality

When you exercise, you will have the luxury of enjoying the fresh air. This is a very powerful combination that can affect the quality of your sleep. Walking is a good workout. You wouldn’t know that the day you spend at a golf course is enough for you to have a good nights’ rest. If you are able to get the right amount of sleep, you are helping your muscles have a rest and repair them at the same time.

Helps You Lose Weight

Fitness experts suggest that if you want to lose weight, start to walk. If you want to shed off some pounds, then you need to work at least 10,000 steps per day. If you play for the 18-hole, that will surely exceed the recommended number of steps that you need especially if you avoid using golf carts. Facts revealed that men can lose up to 2,500 kCal on an 18-hole round, while women can burn 1,500 kCal. 

Makes You Live Longer

Everybody wants to live a longer life. According to statistics, golfers are believed to have a lower death rate by 40%. This means that if you play golf, you are adding 5 years increase in your life expectancy.

If you are interested in the benefits that you get out of playing this sport, then it is time to join some Tours and getaways for golfers. You do not only get to play with your friends or your colleagues, but you also get to enjoy the health benefits that the sport brings.

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Why Its A Good Idea To Hire Local Tour Guides

A local guide refers to a tour guide that is more like a friend or an acquaintance than any tour guide out there. This is because they are mostly individual contractors. You might have seen them but you don’t know where they are affiliated with. These guys are what most travel shows hire that accompanies their shows in order to show their host anywhere like the market, some good beaches, foods to eat and give a few good histories on the side.

These guys are the ones that make the place more interesting and more importantly keeps everyone safe. Its a different approach in becoming a tour guide and you got to admit its actually way better than what most people have expected. This is because they offer something that any tour companies can’t offer (which will further be discussed below). So if you plan to go on a holiday and you don’t know if you would hire a local guide or a company that does tours, then you better read further.

local guide

Local guides are not playing safe: Although There are things that they tell you, like caution you not to go to that place and don’t eat that food, for the most part, they don’t play safe just like any tour companies do. Most tour companies offer a standard tour for everyone, like stuffing everyone in a tour bus with a tour guide that has memorized his/her lines. The guide will show you the landmarks and will even tell you where you should point your camera. With a local guide, you’re on foot, for the most part, going to places that no tour companies will go to.

Why do tour companies don’t to tours just like locals does? One of the big reasons why tour companies don’t do tours just like locals is because big companies always try to standardize their practice. They don’t risk anything that is unpredictable. They don’t take risks and the lesser that you get exposed to blood stew, soup number 5, fried tarantula, a fugu fish sashimi and wasabi ice cream (just to name a few) is good for them because you’re safe.

Are local tours good for everybody? Sure, the standard tours are family-friendly, but local tours can be family friendly as well. Because local tours are so customized, it can be perfect for anybody. Local guides can easily take you to family-friendly places if that’s just your concern, They know where to go based on your preference, making them the perfect tour guide for almost any person there (unless you’re a weird person).

There’s a good reason why many travel shows that you see in video streaming sites and in your TV hire local tour guides. This is because local tour guides can go where any standard tour guides can’t go. If you think that it’s not perfect for you, you’re dead wrong because the service is highly customizable thus it can be perfect for anybody. They can take you to places, help you learn the ropes, discover the culture, taste unique foods, meet new people, get an exclusive look into the world that you only see in travel shows and many many more. Go check them out!

The Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Romantic Getaway

Having a romantic getaway may seem a daunting task to begin with, but on the contrary, it is quite simple as you think. With the right tips and strategies, planning a romantic vacation will be second nature to you. This is regardless if you’re a beginner couple at a journey or a Casanova stuck with a tight budget, we can teach you how to plan your ideal romantic getaway that will make your lover keel.

Create special moments out of little details, not high prices.

Being romantic does not have to include going to five-star dining or letters of fireworks in the sky that cost hundreds. Sometimes, the most effective way to be romantic is to have a thoughtful touch in everything you do. It can be a simple bottle of champagne and a box of good cookies, a box of fig newton or anything that has been part of your relationship for so long. Unexpected small gifts always go a long way and it will be within your budget, you can even give a key chain that’s related to the trip, this will make your getaway feel like a special moment.

It pays to also seek your romantic spots, it doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you can enjoy an intimate moment together as a couple

Plan for romance

While planning special moments out of little details is not a bad idea, it does not mean that you completely disregard planning for romance. One important tip is to look for accommodation that kids are not allowed, hearing children crying is the least romantic thing in the world. It also pays to make the hotel manager aware of your romantic vacation, it helps more than you think. Other hotels have special services or an upgrade to give you the best romantic experience. They will often go far out of their way to make your stay special. There are romantic hotels that can offer these types of services, you can check online book romantic hotel in kl for more information.

Practicality is sexy

The idea of jumping into a bed of rose petals and candlelit dinners can be very exciting, but before going into it, you must first take care of the practicalities of planning your trip.

–    Time: Set how much time you can take for you to enjoy your romantic vacation. It is recommended to spend 3 nights of vacation that is somewhere farther. You don’t want to squeeze a journey to a far-off destination, this will only make you rush your moments and get exhausted the whole time

–    Destination: Whether you choose to go in a nearby town, or a faraway region, you need to factor in important things like time changes, a distance of travel, travel time and the stress factor of foreign travel.

The Top Five Features to Enjoy at Bangkok Hotels

Maybe you’re in Bangkok on a business trip and need a bit of time to unwind after hours at the negotiating table. Maybe you’re in Bangkok with your family on vacation, and likewise want a place to relax after the strenuous journey aboard “planes, trains, and automobiles” to get here. Maybe you are here on business, and maybe you’re here sheerly out of pleasure, but whatever the cause of your stay might be, you’re going to want to book a hotel room with a team that makes client pleasure their business. That means booking with a hotel that not only offers clean, spacious rooms, but a whole host of welcome extras.

Let’s take a look at just some of the most sought-after extras among those looking to book a hotel room in Bangkok.

  1. Free Breakfast Buffets

Let’s be honest – for as fantastic a city as Bangkok is for fine dining, it can also be a bit pricey. You probably don’t want to be spending a fortune at every meal, especially when you’re just looking for some eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee or tea with which to start the day. That’s why the best hotels in Bangkok often offer complimentary breakfast options. What’s more, some go a step further and offer breakfast buffets. As such, this can be a good way to get a great free meal while staying in Bangkok.

  1. Hotel Room Features

Chances are you aren’t going to be interested in spending too much time in your hotel room as compared with the opportunity you have to go traipsing about one of the great cities of Southeast Asia. Even so, it never hurts to have fine accommodations, and the best hotels in Bangkok, thus, offer clients a bevy of features. You’ll be able to enjoy everything from flat-screen TVs and hot tubs to rooms which boast beautiful Thai interiors. These rooms also all have high-speed WiFi, equally critical for those coming to Bangkok on business, as well as those seeking to enjoy it for pleasure.

  1. Kids Areas

If you are looking to drop off your kids for a while, the best hotels in Bangkok tend to give you great options for doing so with specific kid areas. Both indoor and outdoor play centers allow children to play while still being carefully supervised.

  1. Swimming Pools

Even better, the whole family can enjoy hotels with swimming pools. By contrast, for an added touch of coolness, you’ll want to check out a hotel in Bangkok with rooftop swimming pool. These rooftop pools often feature a bit more of an adult vibe, and can be something of a mixture of a club and pool area.

  1. Nice Bars

Negotiating a business deal or herding children all day as you try and help your family navigate their way across Bangkok can be exhausting. For adults looking to relax with a nightcap, the best Bangkok hotels offer fantastic bar options.

Make your stay in Bangkok a fun and relaxing one with hotels which offer fantastic features.




Here is How to Avoid Common Pests While On The Road

Pests have been in existence since the civilization of man. They are drawn to or clash with you due to a variety of reasons, these include; their desire to survive, or when you encroach into their habitats. Life is always a constant race for survival for every living being. Pests are no exception.

Various pests have deloped taste for human food and other ways of life, the main categories of pests include rodents, reptiles, arachnids, and insects both flying and crawling. Most insects might be small in stature, but they pack a wide range of arsenal including bites, venom or disease-causing pathogens.

While on the road you might encounter, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs, bees, wasps, hornets, cockroaches, probably cloth moths among others. A West Chester wasp control expert gives you some tips and tricks that should go a long way in shielding you from the possible effects of the presence and attacks of these insect pests.


These are some smallest pests in the world but one of the most dangerous. They ferry plasmodium, a parasite responsible for a lot of deaths around the globe. To shield yourself from these killers, it is important to ensure you sleep under a mosquito net or carry an anti-mosquito spray.


Bedbugs and fleas:

These blood-sucking pests are perfect in playing hide and seek. They have the capability of causing pain and skin infections. When you spot these pests, it is proper to immediately inform your host and transfer to a bedbug or a flea free room for the night if possible.

Cloth moths:

Cloth moths are notorious for ruining clothes by making holes right through them. If you are not sure whether your hotel room wardrobe is infested by these pests or not, it is important not to hang your clothes in there. The best solution while on the road is throw in a cedar block in your suitcase while packing your clothes. A lavender sachet in your suitcase is also a very good idea and using an airtight suitcase with also kill these unwanted travelers if some manage to sneak in with your clothing.


There are numerous species of flies around you. Flies are not only disgusting to come across but they also have a reputation of causing diseases, especially upon landing on your food. When in or out of your room in an area that has flies, it is important to close all the windows. Ensuring that your food is covered will also prevent flies when landing on your food and laying eggs. Traveling with an all-purpose insecticide spray will also be a great idea.

Bees, wasps, and hornets:

These insects become pests when they decide to live near you. If you are in your hotel room, jogging or just doing a nature walk and you happen to spot a nest of wasps or a swarm of bees it is important not to deter them or get defensive, they can be aggressive and attack you sometimes with lethal consequences if you are allergic to the venom. If outdoors lie down and let the swarm of bees fly past you, for hornets and wasps alert your host as soon as possible.