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Cruise travel insurance – Important questions answered

Cruising is dramatic and thrilling and attracts a large number of people. An increasing number of people are choosing a cruise holiday for many reasons. They are fascinated by the ocean, love adventures, and admire the experience of ocean living. One of the biggest reasons for more people being attracted to cruise travel is the availability of cruise travel insurance that provides you protection in many situations. You are financially covered for medical emergencies, delays, and many other unforeseen circumstances that may arise on the journey. You should look over the Internet and do thorough research for cruise travel insurance comparison to ensure that you are getting the best deal and covered for most possible aspects. It is important to create a strong and trustworthy backup before you get into strange waters. Although, cruise travel insurance is gaining popularity, there are many apprehensions and confusion about it. Here we answer some most commonly asked questions about cruise travel insurance.

  • Is a cruise journey covered automatically?

There are two perspectives to this. Some personal insurance providers include insurance while you are on travel. That includes a cruise journey as well. However, the extent of coverage is subjective. Another possibility is that your cruise liner adds travel insurance as a part of your ticket. In either case, you may have to explicitly check the box and choose for the insurance.

  • Is it needed for traveling in domestic waters?

If you are thinking that your personal medical insurance will cover you in the domestic water, you need to think again. Most of the medical insurances cease to apply as soon as you board the ship and leave the port. For that reason, it is important to have explicit travel insurance for cruise journeys. It is also beneficial as it would provide a wide range of benefits.

cruise travel insurance comparison

  • What about traveling on a river cruise?

River cruising is a popular activity in some parts of the world and just like regular cruising, it also needs you to buy insurance for financial protection against mishaps. Many insurers will include cruise trips in travel insurances but it is not a laid down rule. Some may require you to buy a separate pack exclusively for cruising.

  • Are on-board adventures included?

As you feel the wavy water and the ocean air hit your face, you are likely to get into an adventurous mood. Cruise journeys offer you plenty of opportunities for adventurous sports like scuba diving, parasailing, dock activities, etc. Not all insurance plans would include these activities which are why you need to ensure that your cruise insurance includes such activities and provide assistance if anything goes wrong during these adventures.

  • What is not insured by a cruise insurance plan?

There are many things that are not covered by the cruise insurance plans. Knowing these things will help you to keep yourself safe and protected. You need to read the insurance plan’s declaration document carefully to ensure that you are covered for everything you wanted to be.

  • Getting injured or losing your belongings while being tad tipsy
  • Some adventure activities may not be covered
  • Cancellations in some case
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Cruise company going insolvent

Car Hire Excess Insurance Could Reduce Your Car Rental Costs

While hiring cars, we often obtain our car rental excess insurance from a car hiring company, simply because it is expensive. This is okay and quite logical. However, it will surprise you to know that Car Hire Excess insurance could reduce your car rental costs.

Holidaying can be fun, the thrill of meeting new people, seeing new places and eating new food is priceless, however, this amazing experience can be spoilt if your rented vehicle gets, scratched, dent, or damaged, especially If you are not covered by an insurance policy, you’ll be forced to pay for damage. On the other hand, if you are adequately insured, you will have nothing to worry about; your policy will protect you from the huge bill at the end of the holiday.

If you don’t have an insurance policy or your policy doesn’t cover rental cars, then you need a car rental excess insurance. Don’t even think of driving a rented car uninsured, buying car rental excess insurance from a car hiring company or a third-party agent might seem expensive or unnecessary, but it will save you major costs in the long run.

Before we proceed further, let’s first understand what car hire excess insurance is.

What is car hire excess insurance?

If you’ve ever rented a car before, you already might be familiar with the term “excess”. In some countries, excess is also referred to as a deductible, so if you are holidaying in a different continent and you hear ‘deductible’, it simply means excess.

Excess is a sum of money usually collected by car rental companies to cover the rental vehicle in case the vehicle gets damaged. It is the sum you pay to insure your rental vehicle, all through the period the car is with you.

The amount that car hiring companies charge as excess is not fixed, different factors determine the amount, and some of the factors include Country, customer’s age, destination and vehicle type. Here’s how Car Hire Excess insurance works; if your vehicle gets damaged while under your custody, the excess you deposited before hiring the car will be used to fix the damage, but if you already have a car rental excess insurance either through the insurance company or through a third party car rental insurance, you can get the money you deposited as excess back.

Is car hire excess insurance compulsory?

Remember, there’s really no compulsion in getting a car rental excess insurance from a car hiring company; it is optional, so when a staff at a car hiring company is trying to woo you into buying an extra policy, you can politely turn the offer down, especially if you are already insured.

However, if something gets wrong along the line and you are not properly insured, you will end up spending a huge amount of money. Another option is to buy a third-party car rental insurance; they offer the same coverage at more affordable rates.

How car hire excess insurance can help you save money

The amount most car hire companies charge for excess is ridiculously high, sometimes they charge as much as $4,500. The frustrating part is that the money charged as excess doesn’t always reflect the true damage cost. This is where Car Hire Excess insurance comes in, it will help you reduce cost by allowing you to recover the sum deposited as excess. If you already have a car hire excess insurance policy, you will be saved from spending a huge amount of money when there’s an accident and you want to claim damages to the rental car.

Buying insurance from a third party

We all know car hiring companies sell car rental excess insurance, most car hire companies charge users for car rental excess insurance right there before you pay for your rented car, however you can get the same coverage from a third party. If you are insured by a third party, you will pay the excess and get reimbursed by this third party insurance company accordingly.


That huge sum deposited at the desk (excess) shouldn’t be irrecoverably lost after renting a car. Buying a car rental excess insurance is a good way to reduce the total cost of car rental. Trying to recover your excess without car rental excess insurance is somewhere between hard and impossible, so it’s better to play safe and buy coverage, either from the car hiring company or through a third party car rental insurance.

Thanks for reading.

What To Get From A Travel Insurance

Traveling is a fun activity that not all can do. It needs enough money when traveling abroad. If you are a traveler, you must have insurance for yourself. Why? The fact that traveling is your hobby or interest, you need to secure yourself from any possible situations that may happen. It can be expected that a traveler is an alien to a state. As a regular traveler, you need to make sure that you are protected on every trip. A regular traveler must be finding the best annual travel insurance for his/her travel secureness. The insurance covers a lot of benefits for travelers. Whatever the purpose of the travel, you will be covered with the package being availed. Either it is local or international travel, the insurance coverage can be availed as agreed on the bond.

Travel insurance for every traveler

With plenty of people that are looking forward to traveling anywhere in the world, insurance plays a big role. The happiness to travel out of the country requires a lot of preparations. There will be plenty of things to do to actualize local or international travel ambition. There will be two kinds of traveling destinations, either you will go for local or international travel. Both need to have insurance to make sure that you are protected by the insurance once unwanted situations may occur.

Coverage of a travel insurance policy

Travel insurance is not merely protecting you in any travel situation. But, it helps you get the benefits and claims that you deserved. A list of benefits and covers provided by an annual travel insurance policy. But it depends on the provider. The next time you travel, you have to purchase a travel insurance policy. You will get the following:

  • Emergency medical evacuation. A benefit covered by the insurance that a traveler can get. This is a call for an emergency where the traveler needs to have an immediate medical discharge abroad.
  • Hospitalization and medical expenses abroad. A benefit covered by the insurance package when getting sick while on travel. In the worst situation, if an accident might happen to you, medical expenses or hospitalization are provided. So, you don’t need to cash out of the pocket.
  • Emergency dental care. Immediate dental care must be provided to the traveler. Once you feel that you need to have dental care, you can get the benefit like getting a dentist while on travel.
  • Medical assistance. Another thing, if you are under medication, you will be provided with medical care from a professional. So, there is no reason for you to get worried when feeling unwell. You will go home happily without bringing home a certain illness.
  • Legal assistance. The most interesting benefit covered with a travel insurance policy is legal assistance. So, if you got an accident or any unwanted situation, you will be assisted legally. Get the claim you deserved, such as medical expenses and more.