History has its Story: Five Reasons Why You Need to Visit Ilocos Region

If you want to see and experience a perfect instance of a Spanish colonial place in Asia, visit the historical site of the Ilocos Region. Their home showcases ancestral houses and old churches that all have stories to tell. They have a colorful cultural sanctuary with centuries-old architecture, distinctive dishes, and breathtaking tourist destinations.

If history and culture interest you, the journey to the towns of Batac, Laoag, and Paoay is exceptionally for you. Now, head to the north, travel right, and get eager to look into the relics of the Philippines’ Spanish colonial past. Be sure to check out churches, museums, and natural wonders, alright? Here are five reasons why you need to see the beauty of the Ilocos Region’s history.

The Patapat Viaduct is Long and Fascinating

Being one of the extensive bridges in the Philippines, our very own Patapat Viaduct curves along with the mountain range of North Cordillera. It makes you see the breathtaking and panoramic sight of Pasaleng Bay and the West Philippine Sea.

Their Church Architecture’s One-of-a-Kind

When the earliest Spaniards turned to Ilocos in 1572, the local warriors upset their rebellious endeavors to broaden colonial power. For them to win over the rural population, they made it to a more peaceful and non-violent method, which is religion.

As they were defeated by the pomp and occurrence of Roman Catholicism, the Ilocos region, in the end, grow into the center of evangelization in northern Luzon. At the moment, Ilocos Norte is home to masses of the Philippines’ most beautiful and one-of-a-kind churches – including the San Agustin’s Paoay’s Church.

The Historic Paoay Church is Stunning

With its oriental, baroque, and gothic architecture, Paoay Church in San Agustin is deemed as the oldest and most magnificent churches not only in the Ilocos region but also in the Philippines. As it was selected as a UNESCO world heritage spot, Paoay Church has been a national gem of Ilocandia.

Empanadas are the Best

Do you know what an empanada is? If you answer no, then you’re missing out on something important. If yes, you might have tried this overflowing pastry in various spots of the Philippines, but none of them likens to having one in Batac, Ilocos Norte!

Traditionally stuffed with monggo, papaya, longganisa, and egg, these tasty pastries are remarkably worthwhile. Plus, you can even have a crispy version of it, thanks to the people of Bacarra. If you want, you can tailor them according to your preference. The more egg and longganisa, the better!

Pagburnayan Jar Factory

The Pagburnayan jar factory is essentially one of the little genuine jar makers in Vigan, Ilocos Norte. Its name refers to the hand-crafted pots, which are enthralling to watch. If you visit this place, it’s sure that the entire process will leave every kid (as well as adults) a remarkable memory and interest.

Wait, there’s more! You’ll also have the chance to try making your own version of a meaningful transformation of clays to a pot.

 Ilocos Region


The Philippine provinces of the Ilocos region combine and blend the cultural fascination of old Manila and the innate splendor of warm vacation spot Boracay. Come home and travel back in time with these and more historical places all over the Ilocos Region.