Top 5 reasons why the cruise from Mumbai to Goa takes over all the other means of commuting

Mumbai to Goa is one of the most commonly planned journeys by travel freaks. Further, with the launch of a seven-deck luxurious Mumbai to Goa cruise – Angriya, the popularity of other traveling modes have reduced, the ones which carried people from Mumbai to Goa. Needless to mention, people would not prefer any other mode of transport when offered a chance to explore the place via sea-route. Besides, no one would really want to miss the journey with delicious food, drink, spa, swimming pool and of course dance to the discotheque. Yes, the latest Mumbai to Goa cruise has it all, which is why it was easy for it to take over other modes of commuting.

Below are five main factors that let you know why the cruise is the perfect vogue plan among other commuting ways from Mumbai to Goa.

Luxury cruise ship – Angriya will carry passengers from Mumbai to Goa. Source: Livemint

Facilities come first

As far as traveling is concerned, a journey is supposed to be not tiring at all. On the other hand, who would not love fine cuisine along with a twist of spa facilities, luxurious accommodation, and soothing breeze as he sails while witnessing the 360-degree view of the scenic beauty of the Indian Ocean? Besides, the swimming facility is an additional charm in the journey.

Boost in the tourism

Mumbai is one of the leading tourist places in India. While tourism is gaining notably good in the state, the advent of the Mumbai to Goa cruise has proved as a boon to this industry. According to the reports, the state has experienced a rise of 23 per cent in the year 2017 alone. This is one of the main reasons why the government is finding it lucrative spending on the cruise rather than other mediums of transport. With the latest plan, the government has proposed to link other tourist places in India with Mumbai as well as some parts of South-east Asia. Besides, the tourism industry here is also providing great employment opportunities in India.

Expense is reasonable

The price for sailing through Angriya starts at Rs. 7,000. If this seems expensive to you, you need to check out the details of the offerings. The timeless experience of cruise journey is all set to make you wow with its world-class interior, amazingly satisfying room services, lounge, bar and swimming pool for eternal relaxation. Also, if you are the person who hates long-hours of the journey, try this and you won’t be able to get your feet off.

Water-ways can be de-stressing

A journey is all about coping with daily life stress and nothing seems to be exploiting you from inside if you find yourself amidst the open sky and water, good food and music. Everything that feels sophisticated and refreshing can be availed with a journey through a cruise.


Plan an event on-board

Interestingly, the cruise gives you an opportunity to plan any event, be it a birthday party, a wedding ceremony or other celebrations. Besides, one can also organize a corporate meeting. A passenger will have to expand one of the restaurants on the cruise in organizing an event.

With all of the above benefits, it is likely for the cruise to take over other mediums of traveling. The cruise is offering travelers and tourists with everything that other transport modes are not. Also, if you want to enjoy the view of sunset and sunrise, then the Angriya cruise is your fittest travel assistant. It leaves at 4 pm from Mumbai and arrives at 9 am in Goa and vice versa, offering you the opportunity to witness both. You can also click here to know more details. Hence, a cruise can be considered as an incentive while you live your holiday life.

Pagburnayan Jar Factory

History has its Story: Five Reasons Why You Need to Visit Ilocos Region

If you want to see and experience a perfect instance of a Spanish colonial place in Asia, visit the historical site of the Ilocos Region. Their home showcases ancestral houses and old churches that all have stories to tell. They have a colorful cultural sanctuary with centuries-old architecture, distinctive dishes, and breathtaking tourist destinations.

If history and culture interest you, the journey to the towns of Batac, Laoag, and Paoay is exceptionally for you. Now, head to the north, travel right, and get eager to look into the relics of the Philippines’ Spanish colonial past. Be sure to check out churches, museums, and natural wonders, alright? Here are five reasons why you need to see the beauty of the Ilocos Region’s history.

The Patapat Viaduct is Long and Fascinating

Being one of the extensive bridges in the Philippines, our very own Patapat Viaduct curves along with the mountain range of North Cordillera. It makes you see the breathtaking and panoramic sight of Pasaleng Bay and the West Philippine Sea.

Their Church Architecture’s One-of-a-Kind

When the earliest Spaniards turned to Ilocos in 1572, the local warriors upset their rebellious endeavors to broaden colonial power. For them to win over the rural population, they made it to a more peaceful and non-violent method, which is religion.

As they were defeated by the pomp and occurrence of Roman Catholicism, the Ilocos region, in the end, grow into the center of evangelization in northern Luzon. At the moment, Ilocos Norte is home to masses of the Philippines’ most beautiful and one-of-a-kind churches – including the San Agustin’s Paoay’s Church.

The Historic Paoay Church is Stunning

With its oriental, baroque, and gothic architecture, Paoay Church in San Agustin is deemed as the oldest and most magnificent churches not only in the Ilocos region but also in the Philippines. As it was selected as a UNESCO world heritage spot, Paoay Church has been a national gem of Ilocandia.

Empanadas are the Best

Do you know what an empanada is? If you answer no, then you’re missing out on something important. If yes, you might have tried this overflowing pastry in various spots of the Philippines, but none of them likens to having one in Batac, Ilocos Norte!

Traditionally stuffed with monggo, papaya, longganisa, and egg, these tasty pastries are remarkably worthwhile. Plus, you can even have a crispy version of it, thanks to the people of Bacarra. If you want, you can tailor them according to your preference. The more egg and longganisa, the better!

Pagburnayan Jar Factory

The Pagburnayan jar factory is essentially one of the little genuine jar makers in Vigan, Ilocos Norte. Its name refers to the hand-crafted pots, which are enthralling to watch. If you visit this place, it’s sure that the entire process will leave every kid (as well as adults) a remarkable memory and interest.

Wait, there’s more! You’ll also have the chance to try making your own version of a meaningful transformation of clays to a pot.

 Ilocos Region


The Philippine provinces of the Ilocos region combine and blend the cultural fascination of old Manila and the innate splendor of warm vacation spot Boracay. Come home and travel back in time with these and more historical places all over the Ilocos Region.

Here Are the 4 Reasons Why Day Tours Are Now Getting Popular

Here Are the 4 Reasons Why Day Tours Are Now Getting Popular

Individuals all have different techniques for voyaging and interests that make their time in foreign lands special. Many younger explorers censure package tourists for not looking for authentic encounters, and to be completely forthright, your mid twenty-something selves may have said the equivalent. Be that as it may, quick forward 10 years and individuals understand that like most things in life, it’s confused. A few people won’t travel if it’s not part of a package or guided tour because they’re too occupied to even think about planning the specifics themselves and simply need to unwind. For other people, their movement strategy relies upon the plan. Also, a few voyagers will just visit nations that communicate in their language. All of this is alright, the main thing that ought to be non-debatable is having regard for the locals.

When you have picked your movement goal, you should choose whether you need to investigate freely or travel with a tour group or something to that effect. Going on a guided tour is something that many voyagers experiences are they holiday far and wide. Be that as it may, not every person adores a guided tour, and not every person cherishes doing it all alone. While explorers who like to plan may like to invest more energy in a specific spot, they may like the possibility of everything being composed. Though somebody who may like being in a group of individuals doesn’t care to hesitate.

day tours in Melbourne Victoria


Safety, especially for ladies, is high on the rundown of reasons individuals like to go in a group instead of freely and if you are not happy with investigating another city either all alone or as a team, then group travel will be high on your rundown.

Spots that You Mightn’t Have Known About

Probably the best piece of a guided tour is you’re never without anyone else and you’re encompassed by individuals and specialists who can address your inquiries and oblige your needs. This implies you may take a detour or may see a little territory that wasn’t on your unique schedule.


At the point when you take a tour, another person handles all the details. You pick an agenda, pay the tour administrator and let the experts manage aircrafts, drivers, guides, and inns. All you have to do is land at your takeoff point on schedule.

Tour Guides

By taking a composed excursion, you are bound to profit by data about your goal in transit. Regularly mentor drivers or a tour guide will give you fun realities about the state you’re gone to see and the different spots to pass in transit there. For a better experience, why don’t you try to take one. There are many group tours available just like day tours in Melbourne Victoria.

This is in reference to guided tours, not if you book a vacation package and don’t leave the hotel. We frequently prefer to meander around new urban areas and stop in bistros, bars and eateries that strike us as one of a kind. Individuals have generally built up an entirely decent feel for what’s acceptable if a sign peruses “tourist menu” individuals pass and rather look for the foundation occupied with locals. This usually works out well, yet except if you do a great deal of perusing previously or during, you presumably won’t learn many eccentric realities about a city without a guide.

How To Ensure A Hassle-Free Travel Experience

All of us want to make sure that our travel experience is as smooth as possible. After all, the entire purpose that you are traveling is to enjoy some much needed “me time”. Well, that might not always be the case, but there is no harm in pretending now, is it?

But, when you throw in restricted leg space, chatty co-passengers, uncomfortable seating arrangements, and several hours that lie ahead that suck your soul one hour at a time, things may not go as planned.

It’s important to take matters into your own hands it comes to ensuring a hassle-free and safe travel experience. Read on as we list our top tips using which you can travel as comfortably as possible.

Invest in a neck pillow

If you were to do extensive internet research on ways to make your travel comfortable, more often than not, you will find neck pillows sitting right at the top of the list.

Neck pillows are portable items that can help provide support and comfort to your neck, shoulders, and head. If you plan on catching a quick nap, or even a long one, buying a neck pillow will most certainly be a good decision whenever you’re traveling.

There are different kinds of neck pillows available in the market as well, so you can select a design that you feel would be more suited to your needs and preferences. Nevertheless, whatever you choose, you don’t have to worry about being physically or mentally exhausted from sleeping in an uncomfortable position for hours at a stretch.

Getting a soft sleeping mask

If you’re traveling the economy flight, you have to adhere to the rules of the flights. This means that you cannot get the lights to switch off at your beck and call. In such situations, it would be better for you to carry your own sleeping mask to help you sleep in your personal zone of Zen.

Before you board any flight, make sure that the sleeping mask that you are carrying is made up of soft material that doesn’t feel scratchy against your eyes. Also, the elastic of the sleeping mask shouldn’t be too tight to put a lot of pressure on your head. But, at the same time, it shouldn’t be too loose that the entire purpose of covering your eyes gets defeated. Hence, before you buy a sleeping mask, always physically try it to make sure it’s an appropriate fit.

A collapsible water bottle

You might already be aware of the intense thirst that you sometimes feel while being aboard a bus or flight. While the latter does make arrangements to help quench your thirst, those tiny plastic cups may not always be suitable to give you relief.

In addition to this, traveling for longer distances can leave your skin feeling dehydrated which is why you need to always make a point to consume an adequate amount of water. This is the main reason why we would suggest you carry your own personal water bottle whenever you are traveling.

We have also mentioned that you carry a collapsible water bottle as this version gives you the facility to put it away when you arrive at your destination. Fill the water bottle from your home to be safe as well.

A portable battery charger

Nearly all important information, including contact numbers, is entered in our cell phones. Now, imagine a scenario where your phone suddenly dies due to a lack of battery charge. Since we are so dependent on our cell phones, at that very moment, things can come to a temporary standstill.

To avoid such a scary situation, we would recommend you to carry a portable battery charger whenever you are traveling. While cars had the option of directly connecting your mobile phones to the car battery, in case of other modes of transportation, it’s better to have a portable battery charger.

Select a portable battery charger that gives you the facility to charge multiple electronic devices at once. You don’t have to worry about excessive weight since the latest models are travel-friendly with a compact design and lightweight.

Face care essentials

If your traveling involves spending several hours on the road or in the air, why not utilize it to give your skin some pampering?

Beauty companies have come up with this amazing invention known as sheet masks that can be directly applied to your face and removed without creating any extra mess. These masks contain different formulas that can help to brighten and rejuvenate your skin making your skin glow despite the hours that you spend traveling.

In case you’re traveling in a car, you can indulge in some TLC when it’s your friend or family member’s turn behind the wheels. Not only will this help you relax, but it will also leave your skin looking and feeling amazing!

Books, Magazines, and Snacks

In the extremely rare cases that you do not want to be on your phone, it’s important to have a plan B entertainment option as well. In your flight, the movie selection on offer may not be what you want to watch whereas, in your car, you may lose cell reception.

In order to be prepared for such situations, always make a point to carry your favorite books, magazines, and comics. These options do not involve any further complications due to which you can easily lie back and lose yourself in the fictional world.

Talking about snacks, having a sufficient selection of your favorite biscuits, chocolates, candy, and cookies are always going to be a wise decision. This tip becomes even more important in case you are traveling with toddlers or teenagers. Make sure that you have the perfect combination of sweet as well as savory treats before you step out of your home.

If you want, you can also carry a few of your favorite beverages as well, but remember, most flights have a no liquid policy so you need to avoid it in those situations.

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10 Unique Things to Do During Thailand Tourism

Thailand is simply one among the foremost effective Oriental countries to trip. Not solely is that the nation stupendously lovely and additionally incorporates a terribly heat culture, however the number of activity that you simply will do here is just unearthly likewise as habit forming. No doubt, Asian country business enterprise trade has truly been growing from stamina to toughness.

Thailand Tourism

Here are many of the additional intriguing things that your vacation plans ought to offer to you during this superb country:

The Asian nation ocean Globe in Bangkok (capital of Thailand) offers you a good risk to virtually bit these ocean beasts. there’s this water instrumentality designed within the ocean wherever you’ll walk right into likewise as appreciate an excellent submarine spectacle.

  1. searching for the elephants and therefore the crocodiles: once you ar at Bangkok, see thereto to go to the known Samphran Elephant likewise as crocodilian reptile Ranch wherever you’ll be a witness to the fun-filled elephant vogue programs and additionally read the large crocodiles reveal many of their fatal moves.

iii. Going ToLumpini Park: Your getaway package in addition provides you a loosening up explore to the Lumpini Park wherever you’ll take a stroll or run or cycle. Its freshness likewise as plant will definitely leave Associate in Nursing imprint in your heart.

  1. Visiting the King of the snakes: The Snake Park at Bangkok arranges distinctive programs wherever a man catches the Ophiophagus hannan, the king of the serpents, with none protecting gear. The program is each useful and additionally adrenaline-pumping!
  2. Doing yoga: Asian country business enterprise is in addition known for its yoga centers, Ayurvedic medical aid homes and massage parlors. This trip may be an ideal reason to find some strategies of different Yoga.
  3. Mosting doubtless ToKohKret Island: KohKret could be a very little island simply a watercraft flight faraway from Bangkok. it’s famed for its society and additionally markets. Taking on a daily basis out for KohKret Island is very suggested by people who have truly full-fledged its simple charm.

vii. Riding the TukTuk: Your trip bundles in addition provide you with an opening to ride the TukTuk, an imaginative automobile that is small and simple to run. It will handily twitch via additionally the narrowest of lanes Associate in Nursingd is also an expertise price some sensible recollections.

viii. flick thru Dream World: Asian country vacation package likewise incorporates a good deal of gratifying in your itinerary. the favored park mentioned as ‘Dream World’ is unquestionably a ought to see particularly if you want to own a roller rollercoaster time breezing with those gravity-defying visits.

  1. Head to a floating market: people who see Asian country additionally bring back positive recollections of Floating markets (markets drifting on water) wherever you’ll acquire artefacts and additionally food. KhlongLatMayom Floating Market is extensively suggested.
  2. Freak yourself out at the weirdest museum: The rhetorical Gallery is Bangkok is absolutely strange likewise as may be a special kind of experience- freaky and additionally squeamish! It should not be left out, return what may!.Read about medical tourism in Thailand in Alsulami Careالسياحة العلاجية في تايلند

Renting a car

Explore the Tropical Island of Phuket with a Rental Car

Phuket is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. Whether you are traveling to Phuket with the family on holiday or you are escaping for a romantic trip with someone special, renting a car will allow you to see everything that this charming town has to offer.

Visit the National Parks

There is so much to do and see when you travel to Phuket and having your own rental car makes it possible to do it all. If you want to visit the national parks on the island, you will need a rental car as there are some that aren’t serviced by public transportation. In addition, you will be able to leave your hotel and explore on your own schedule.

The national parks in Phuket are absolutely amazing with natural caves and magnificent waterfalls that you have only seen in pictures. Being able to visit and see these sights in person is an experience that you will never forget. The convenience of a car for rent in Phuket will allow you to visit any and all of these beautiful parks during your stay.

Visit the Amazing Beaches

Phuket is well known for its amazing beaches more than anything else. There are over 30 of them on the island and you will be impressed by the differences between them. The soft sand and the clear waters draw visitors from all over the globe and you definitely want to visit as many of them as you can.

When you have a rental car, you will be able to experience everything that this charming island has to offer. You can visit the quiet serene beaches in the north of the island and then go to Patong to enjoy the active lifestyle there. No matter what you are looking for in Phuket, you can get there with your rental car.

Vacation on Your Own Schedule

When you are on vacation, you should be able to relax and explore at your own pace. You don’t need to subject yourself to the expense and defined schedules of public transportation and taxis. You can decide to spend extra time at a beach or you can leave early to try a new location. When you are on vacation, your schedule should be what works best for you and having a rental car makes this possible.

Variety of Options

Variety of Options

Whether you are traveling alone or with the entire family, you will find a rental car that is right for you. You can choose an SUV for your whole family or a small compact car for a smaller party. It is easy to find a rental car with air conditioning and any other amenities that you desire.

Renting a car will enable you to leave the airport and begin your vacation in this tropical paradise without delay. You can visit the national parks and the beautiful sandy beaches, and you will be able to explore the entire island on your own time.

Enjoy a Little Down Time Next Time You’re in Bangkok

Visitors to the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok always notice how much the city has to offer its tourists, and if you’ve been busy visiting tourist attractions and need a break so you can relax for a bit, a good spa will provide you with various options to enjoy. You can choose a massage, body scrub, or floral bath, and there are even numerous types of these activities to make your time there even more personalized. A good massage goes a long way in soothing tired muscles that you may be overworking due to walking from attraction to attraction and staying busy. The spas also have great websites that allow you to explore their many amenities online, saving you a lot of time once you finally arrive.

Spa Treatments to Suit Everyone

One of the most popular massage types is the Thai massage, which includes an oil-free treatment that centers mostly on acupressure and stretching. These are good overall massages that can be altered to meet your needs, and they are typically one to two hours in length. Most of the facilities offering this type of massage can alter it somewhat in case you have a special need, such as soreness in a particular area of the body. This way, you are guaranteed to have relaxed, pain-free muscles once the massage is complete.

Finding the perfect Thai massage in Sukhumvit is much easier than you think because the area is known for its high-quality spas that have experienced technicians and very relaxing accommodations, making this one experience you will never forget. After a full day of visiting one attraction after another, you’ll both need and deserve some down time so you can relax those muscles and rejuvenate yourself to move onto the next activity, and a visit to a great spa is the perfect way to do so.

Costing Less Than You Might Think

Of course, if you schedule a massage or facial at a great spa, you may think you’ll be paying a fortune for the experience, but that is rarely the case. In fact, most of these spas have very competitive prices that won’t have you stressed out over that part of the visit, which means you can relax even more once you get there. From steam saunas to facials and stone massages to Thai massages, these spas truly offer something for everyone and, therefore, a visit to one of them should always be on your itinerary when you’re away from home.

Vacationing in Bangkok is a lot of fun, but when the stress and abundance of activities get to you and you feel the need to slow down for a while, visiting a top-notch spa for some relaxation is always a great idea. The right massage or sauna treatment loosens up tight muscles and allows you to feel better both physically and mentally, allowing you to enjoy the next item on your agenda even more. Regardless of what else is on your to-do list, you owe it to yourself to make sure you schedule some “me” time so that you’re ready for the next adventure.