Paris Pub Crawl

Fun Things To Do In Paris

The French have been known to be lovers of life, who appreciate good food, good music, and art. The ambiance is quite welcoming, and to top up on the charming scenery; the country has to offer are the fun things to do while there. Paris expressly oozes a vast selection to choose from. Here are some of them.

  1. Book a show at the Moulin Rouge

If you are an enthusiast of Broadway productions, classical music, and fantasy, then this is the place for you. The Moulin Rouge has a list of shows you can get to choose from as you enjoy a complimentary half a bottle of champagne. The shows are a selection of well-choreographed dances by the professional French showgirls and the French cancan dancers who effortlessly strut their stuff to the classical music.

  1. Sightseeing in the Seine River Cruise

You can also take a one or two full-day ticket cruise on the Seine River across Paris. The journey comes with a tour guide who slowly rows the boat through the French waters making periodic stops as they tell their occupants more about the place. The cruise has eight stops, and you are free to alight or embark on any as you wish. The best thing about the journey is that you get to beat the traffic as you take in the panoramic river views.

Paris Pub Crawl

  1. Take a bus tour

Another thing you can get to is to take a bus tour on a hop-on-hop open-top double-decker bus. The bus then starts its slow guided trip through Paris’s most charming scenes. The tour guide gives the occupants of the bus a definitive audio commentary giving them fun facts about the sites they visit. Some of the places these tours pass-through is the Louvre museum and the Notre-dame cathedral. One is at liberty to book either one or two full-day tickets, and you may alight or board a bus at any point you wish.

  1. Climb the Eiffel Tower

A trip to Paris would not be complete without paying a visit to the Iron Lady of France. And even better getting to climb her and enjoy the view below. The eight thousand metallic monument stands at an astounding height of more than 300 meters above the ground. At this height, you get to enjoy the stunning vista of the Arc de Triomphe, and you also get to see the majestic Notre-dame cathedral from an aerial view. The best thing about this excursion is that you get to ditch the long lines at the elevators and climb the tower to either the first or second level by stairs. And you also get to tag along with an entertaining tour guide who tells you more about the tower.

  1. Take a Nice Bar Crawl

Lastly, after a long day exploring the city, you may book a Paris pub crawl to explore the French nightlife further. During this crawl you get to enjoy a trip of up to six club scenes, meet new people and enjoy a few delicacies along the way. You also get to enjoy free shots, wondrous and entertaining bar games, and after-hours nightclub entries.