Five Advantages to Booking at Luxury Hotel Chains

When you’re a frequent traveller, whether for business or pleasure, it often benefits you to stay with the same hotel chain. While independent or boutique hotels may offer the privacy you want, their limited availability can make it difficult to get a room when you need or want one. Here are some of the advantages to booking with the same hotel chain when travelling.

No Surprises

When you stay with the same hotel chain in different cities, you know what type of service to expect. There are usually no surprises, whether it is in the quality of accommodations or the type of services that each hotel offers. You will be familiar with hotel policies so there shouldn’t be any surprises whether you check into Rosewood Hotels in New York City or Hong Kong.

Stay in Best Locations

Most luxury hotels are in areas where it is easy for guests to sightsee, get to meetings if they are travelling on business, or attend special events. In some cases, they may be able to walk to popular restaurants, shopping, or entertainment venues. Their staff, which usually includes concierges, can help you with directions or getting tickets to plays, concerts, or other events that you may wish to attend while staying at the hotel.

Loyalty Programs

Many luxury hotel chains offer loyalty programs that offer perks that you will not get when staying in boutique hotels or other locations. Some chains offer upgrades when you arrive, complimentary breakfasts, hotel credits, and on-site spas. When you are looking for places to stay while on holiday or for business, inquire about loyalty programs when booking through a travel agent and be aware that some of the programs are not applicable if you book through some online sites.

Locations Around the World

Often, luxury hotels and resorts have locations around the world so no matter where you’re travelling, you may be able to find accommodations with your preferred hotel chain. Along with most European capitals, many of them offer locations in the Middle East, in many Asian countries, and throughout the Americas. While each location will have unique accommodations, you will be familiar with the hotels if they are owned by the same company.

Luxury Amenities

There are usually several different amenities available in luxury hotels designed to meet most needs of the customer. Many hotels offer several dining options, they usually have fitness facilities on site, and they may have spas or wellness centres as well as extended stay options. You will find the best amenities at your fingertips when you select a luxury hotel chain.

If you’re unfamiliar with a chain that your travel agent has booked, you can go to review sites to find out what past guests thought about their experiences at a particular hotel.