A Different Glamping Experience with GlamXperience

If you are into the luxurious style of camping, then you should experience Glamping. This is where nature meets modern luxury. Here, you would be able to experience the untamed parts of the world without sacrificing your comfort.  Travelling these days have changed. A simple camping experience is slowly being taken place by the fusion of glamour and camping.

            GlamXperience definitely knows what you need. They are the best suppliers of fully equipped and luxury Glamping Tents. They are known for building the best designs with high-quality canvas Safari Tents, Lodges, and Domes. They have the experience coupled with their partnership with a Dutch company, Luxenten.com.

The Difference Between Camping and Glamping

What is the difference between camping and glamping? If both are going to experience nature, what makes Glamping so special? Here’s what you need to know.

Where You Will Be Staying In.

In Tent Camping, you will bring your own tent and set it up. You can choose your own location to experience nature in the most simple way. But with Glamping, it includes a framed shelter that is already set up in a natural environment with special amenities like a refrigerator and of course, electricity. You can choose from their Safari Tents, Bedouin tent, bell tent, Bell Tent Twin, or Glamtrainer.

Where You Will Sleep

With Tent Camping, you will be using sleeping bags under the starry skies, or inside the tent. But with GlamXperience, you can have as big as a queen size bed with clean sheets where you can still enjoy the stars with their see-through domes.

The Restroom

Ok, you know what to do when tent camping and nature calls. But with Glamping, you can take your pick from the clean stalls where you can relieve yourself, whenever you need it. No need to hide from the bushes.

Cooking Experience

You need to collect firewood and build a fire to roast marshmallows. An open fire is the best way to enjoy camping. But if you are after the comfort while still enjoying nature, you and your family can enjoy home-cooked meals.  You can still enjoy the open fire with GlamXperience with their OFYR Design Bbq, outdoor ovens, or with the Orland Camp Stove.

Shower or Bath.

Most tent campers don’t shower. It comes with the fun experience with camping. But there are also portable showers or pocket showers that you can use.  With GlamXperience, they have the Dutchtab, a wood-fired tub where you can enjoy the essence of outdoor bathing.

So what are you waiting for? Complete your glamping experience. With GlamXperience, luxury glamping experience is what it’s all about. They are the experts when it comes to Glamping. Now, you and your family can enjoy nature but without sacrificing your comfort. Camping does not need to be a hard experience, especially for children. It should be fun and exciting at the same time, but with the security and comfort that they can also find in your homes.