Canada migration process – basic information

In order to find different ways to make your living and getting settled in Canada, you can look forward for the guide. You can find some ways to improve your profile score which is essential for Canada migration. Most of the times, it is the skilled workers who are willing to migrate to Canada.

In the recent times, many changes have been done in immigration laws and tools help in assessing individual scores.  In the guide, we shall look for the tools used in immigration.

What is Canada migration points calculator?

If you want to migrate to Canada, you need to understand how the CRS works. CRS is the comprehensive Ranking system which is a tool used under the Express Entry System to assess your profile. This assessment through canada visa points calculator is used for charting out your score based upon which you will be invited to apply for Canada PR.

The canada migration points calculator is used under the Federal skilled worker program which assesses your skills and experience. So basically this is meant for those who are skilled workers and willing to move to Canada. Atleast a score of 67 is required which qualifies you for Canada migration. You can migrate under this scheme as a federal skilled worker.

Canada migration process

Eligibility for Canada migration

If you wish to migrate to Canada, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria. You can check out the eligibility standards that are essential for Canada migration:

  • Atleast 12 months of work experience of Canada is required. This work experience may be full-time or part-time.
  • Categorisation for skilled work experience is also there which includes managerial jobs, and technical jobs, professional jobs.
  • Educational requirements include your school education which can be from a Canadian institution or foreign institution.
  • You also need to be admissible to Canada
  • You need to be the principal applicant. If you are married, your partner must also meet the required criteria.
  • You need to meet the language requirements which includes speaking, reading, listening and writing
  • You should not be willing to live in the Quebec province

Benefits of living in Canada

As more and more people are willing to live in Canada, you need to understand the reason behind this rising euphoria. Check out as to why you should be willing to live in this country. Following reasons state the benefits that why Canada is a favorable place to get settled:

  • You can earn a great deal of money when it comes to living here and low taxation is implied on the earning class
  • OECD states that Canada is one of the best places when it comes to high quality of living
  • Health facilities are quite advanced and life expectancy in Canada is also high
  • Canada has promising housing facilities

All the above reasons are viable enough to prove as to why you should think of migrating to Canada. This place is full of opportunities which contribute in maintaining high standards of living.