A Survivor’s Guide to Making It Out Alive

When you find yourself in the middle of a difficult situation, you will realise how unprepared you are. The common mistake of most is being complacent that everything will remain as it is. You have to acknowledge that in a blink of an eye, all comforts will go away indefinitely. When the unexpected happens, it is important that you recognise the danger and admit the fear.

If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, here are basic survival tips to make it out alive:

Be calm and think positive

When you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, it is normal to panic and be anxious but it won’t really help you. Thinking positive may not sound much but it can be the difference between surviving and dying. Your attitude will determine your survival. When you are calm, you can think of a plan to survive.

Do inventory

The next thing that you should do is checking your inventory. This means taking into account items that you have and determine which things could save your life. Check if you have survival gears like knives, flashlights, lighters, and compass. If you do not have anything except a knife, you can still survive if you know how to use it.

Create a shelter

In case you do not have tents, survival tarps and blankets, the knife can help you gather resources to create a shelter. You can use leaves and limbs to create a shelter. It can keep you warm during the cold days. If pine needles are available around, you can use it as bedding.

Do not forget to drink water

Your body will not properly function without water. As soon as you settled your shelter, you have to check for water sources nearby. Remember that your body won’t last for more than 3 days without drinking water. When you find a water supply, make sure that you boil it before drinking.

Look for sources of food

If you do not eat, it will surely make you feel delirious and cranky. You need to be mentally and physically present to survive. During your spare time, learn the edible fruits for future references.

Learn how to light a fire

Fire is important to provide light, signal help, give warmth, cook meals, and safeguard from predators. You should at least know how to light a fire without matches or lighters.

For people who are always ready, they have this survival gear list. This list will increase the likelihood of survival. When you go to the wilderness, do not forget to carry your disaster kit containing gears like a knife, flashlight, whistle, hammock, energy bars, lighter and the like.

Perhaps you heard about the preppers. Preppers believe that disaster will happen in the future. These people make active preparations like piling food, medical supplies, ammunition and other survival gears. You do not need to be a prepper but it can help if you equip your house with necessary items to increase the likelihood of survival in severe cases.

How to Navigate inside the Airport

How to Navigate inside the Airport

Travelling by air for the first time for many passengers could be a torrid time for them. Anything could go wrong; this will spoil the first time flying experience. A few general tips on how to follow the perfect routine of boarding your plane and reaching your destination are defined below –

  • Get your boarding pass printed at the counter and check in your luggage. This is one step where people generally mess up. Nowadays, many airports allow you to get your boarding pass printed online. You could do this at the airport as well. Once you reach the front desk of your airline carrier at the airport, mention your name and give them your id. They will then ask about your checked luggage and give you an automated printed boarding pass.
  • In case you have to change your flight due to layovers, you should ask the person at the counter to give you a boarding pass for that too.
  • The checked in luggage has a maximum weight allowance. It depends on the airline. In case your luggage load is much higher, you will have to pay extra. So check the airline requirements to ensure you do not end up paying higher. All this will be mentioned along with the New Delhi to Mumbai flights schedule.

New Delhi to Mumbai flights schedule

  • In case you have expensive belongings and do not wish to send this over to luggage check in, you can carry this along with you on the plane while travelling. Again, there is a maximum weight allowance you can carry. Otherwise, you will be asked to check in your bags at the luggage counter.
  • In case you are just printing your boarding pass, and you are not carrying any luggage with you so that check in is not required, you can by-pass the stopping at the airline counter.
  • Once your checking in and boarding pass acquisition is done, you can head towards the security for a check-up. You must successfully pass through the security guards without any hassles. A point to be noted is that airports take security very seriously. So you will have to cooperate with them to ensure no issues arise.
  • An agent will be waiting there for those who need help in the entire process up till here. You could request the guide to help you out in case of any discrepancy.
  • Find your gate and terminal number once you have gone past the security on a positive note. There should be a lot of signs indicating the id and the terminal number. This is also printed on your boarding pass.
  • Now, wait for the boarding to begin at the airport. It is always good to arrive early to the airport in case there is a postponement or if the flight has been preponed. You can be fortunate if you are able to convince the flight attendant at the counter to give you better seats of fly business class! Yes, you read that right! You can fly business class if there is availability!
  • Last, but not the least, keep your eyes and ears always open for important announcements. Try not to stray away from your boarding gate, in case the boarding starts early.
Best Luggage to Keep Your Important Stuff during Holiday

Best Luggage to Keep Your Important Stuff during Holiday

Latest update of most recommended options

For every travel destination, we have to count on our luggage to keep in our precious stuff inside this luggage.  Sometimes you also need to bring in your electronic stuff such as laptop, battery charger or any other electronic gadget during the travelling time. So the capability of your luggage in your travelling time makes an important role. In this article, we will find out more about  lucas luggages that bring varieties of travelling suitcase options.

  1. Ultra Lightweight with 3 Pcs Luggages in a Set

The first recommended luggage is an Ultra Lightweight set that consist of 3 size in a small, medium and large suitcase.  The best thing about this suitcase is the strong handle made from Aluminum material and 8 spinner wheels which could move the suitcase in 4 different directions. Overall size combination of these 3 suitcases increases the capability to contain more stuff inside so you could buy almost anything during your travel time.

find out more about  lucas luggages

  1. Hard case 20”expandable suitcase

The next suitcase choice is the one with hard case cover in the size of 20”. This durable hard-shell made from polycarbonate construction material that gives more durability and strength. The interior designed with high-quality fabrics and sleek design to keep your stuff inside in safety condition.The middle part of the body could be expandable through the zipper unlocked feature. So whenever you have more loads, then you could use this option. And then you can replace it again to the normal shape if you have fewer loads. This might be an effective style to manage your storage space.

  1. Accelerator 26” Suitcase

Another option is specially designed for a sporty fashion luggage. Overall size is 26” with 100% polyester material make it become one of the most durable suitcases on the list. In addition to that, this suitcase also has so many pockets on the front side. Has a top handle.

  1. Ultra Lightweight with Large Soft side 24”– Biarritz Design

Our next option is dedicated for a stylish person since it is made with a special pattern in a soft side outer material. The overall size is 24 inches with additional extra pockets on the front side. Overall material weight is designed in a lightweight material to prevent additional material in bringing overweight carrier.

  1. Troy Hard Case

This is the best option to protect your precious things inside your luggage because it is made from a precious premium quality cover construction. It is available in red and blue color options in 28 inches dimension size. Handling features work by 8 spin wheel systems, providing 360-degree maneuver rotation to enable its move in any direction.

Book Top Activities on Top 10 Tourist Locations

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Book for your return trip to get discounts

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All the prices will include the expenses and VAT as there are no hidden payments. The number of passengers and pieces of luggage should be mentioned in the form along with the along with flight number and pick up location. You can call or message us via Whatsapp or Viber. Both the cars and minibusses are offered by us depending on your requirement. You can choose the air-condition settings and music in the vehicles depending on your choice. The payments are accepted via PayPal, bank transfer, and master card. You need not look for a car transfer when you arrive at the airport as the drivers will meet you from your flight. There is no need to wait for the other passengers as we offer the private taxi transfers. You can have a great comfort and convenience in a private vehicle.

Returning customers:

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How to give your Swag bed like comfort?

The term “camping” appears to have grown an extremely wide meaning, which counts a complete range of reposed stages. At one end of the range there are the people who prefer to ruffle it. They will sleep in the open air in the wasteland with nothing more than a handful of leaves and a plastic groundsheet for bedding. Then there’s the other end of the range where people consider camping requires counting a complete-size RV with a king size bed, new linen and a warm shower.

At Outback Swags, we discover ourselves somewhere in the mid point. We desire to be able to have fun with the open air and get back to groundwork, but we don’t need to be hogged alive by terrifying crawlies and we need to get a good night’s sleep! Our swag tents come with a 2 inch intricate foam mattress which offers a lot of cosiness and makes sleeping on the floor a nice participation. Our active canvas swags will hold you warm and melting on a cold night. On a clear summer’s night you can draw back the canvas cover and sky-watch as you fall asleep on the other side of the safeguard of the mesh fly-screen cover. For some people as they get older the attraction of sleeping on the floor loses its shine. After a long day investigation of the outdoors it’s good to be able to relax a tired body on a soft surface. So we have been resting around with some extra to offer your swag, “bed like” ease.

The first choice to offer you “bed like” ease that we discovered was an inexpensive twin size mattress topper. This is a cheap alternative that provides you a bit more comfort but it will make your swag heavy when you pack it up. It fixes superb in the Pioneer Swag and is simple to add or keep away before your tour if you are aware you will be sleeping on some strong ground. If you actually need to procure your swag then a cot is a best way to get you away from the ground and actually provide you “bed like” relaxation. It offers you a lot of comforting balance and the transportable organizer is superb to hold your necessities close by.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most essential things when absconding on holidays, but it can be difficult to perceive which bedding alternative works wonder for you when camping. In this article, we’ll notice at a series of various sleeping alternatives, for you to contrast, to offer you a better concept of what you should take when you go on your next camping or outdoor tour. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you’re with if you don’t get some best sleep the opportunities are you’re not going to have as best time as you might have if you perform to get a good sleep.

Whichever sleeping positioning you determine, we suggest that you first think about how you will be able to convey your selected bedding to your end of the line and then consider that how much room you will have to fix it up, once you’ve come at your destination.

What Is An Esta And What Are Some Important Facts About It?

ESTA is simply Electronic System for Travel Authorisation to the US. It is an automated travel authorisation that is mandatory for all those who are travelling to, across or through the US by air or sea from the Visa Waiver Program countries. In simple words, anyone desirous of travelling to or even to other destinations through the US is required to apply for and get USA ESTA for hassle-free and legalised travelling. It is just an additional security check that makes you eligible to travel across the US without experiencing any problems. It has been mandated by the local governments operating in the US so as to ensure that anyone visiting their country or passing through it to other destinations is doing so in an authorised and legal manner. Here are some important facts that you must be aware of ESTA. Have a look.

ESTA is applicable online

It is one of the most important points and in fact benefits of USA ESTA. It can be applied very easily to the online mode. You may explore the internet and apply the same by filling in the requisite forms and fulfilling other documental formalities. Even you may pay application fee through online payment system using debit or credit cards or even modes of payment applicable for the same. It rules out the need for any personal meetings or interviews. It is applied as well as issued online. Thus it seems to be a time-saving option.

Must be applied through the official or authorised sites only

Since there are so many websites on the internet that may prompt you to apply for an ESTA, therefore, it is very much important to check authentication of the same. It is always suggested to apply ESTA though the official or authorised sites only to rule out the chances of any frauds or scams.

Allows hassle-free travelling for a period of two years

An ESTA once issued allows the travellers to make multiple trips to the US for a period of two years. It means you may travel to or from the US to other destinations for a period of two years without the need to get the same issued every time. Just make sure that your individual trip is less than or up to 90 days only.

Need renewal after two years

Of course, ESTA is valid for a period of two years only. It implies you need to get your USA ESTA renewed after two years. Remember the expiry date of your ESTA and get the same renewed well-in-time for problem-free and unobstructed travelling.

New ESTA required with a new passport

You certainly need to get a new ESTA granted if you have got a new passport. Even if your ESTA has a valid expiry date, you still need to apply for and get a new ESTA in case your passport has been renewed.

Acts as a travel authorisation only

Though you may get your ESTA granted or issued very quickly and easily however always keep in mind that it acts as a travel authorisation only.

With this information, you may clear all your doubts regarding ESTA and apply for one today!

Train food delivery services are getting popular with time

Within last few years, it has been noticed that people actually like the services of train food delivery offered by the e-catering firms. The count that prefers to order food from them is been increasing and people are actually getting aware of the technology and how they can make maximum utilization of the same and could turn their travel to the most satisfactory and pleasing one. No matter, whether you are concerned about the quality of the food or the pricing of them, do make this understandable that these firms have been catering a large variety in them, assuring quality, taste, aroma, pricing and everything including the delivery of the meal on time.

The companies understand the concern that remained for years among people when it comes to bad and poorly cooked food and availability of them during last year’s and how they have to live mere on getting the good quality food and on those dry fruits, biscuits or homemade food that they used to carry along with them for their travel. But now, things are of course changing and for better. People have the choice to get the delivery of the food at their preferable station, and by getting their personal favourite meal and eating the same, making the most of your journey and time for sure. The e-catering firms have a large network and definitely those long and mutual associations with the famous and well known food joints of cities, towns having branches all around. The meal that users order is not only hot, fresh and made up in clean and neat surroundings but also will surely get to their seat bang on time.

Thinking about how to get the train food delivery The process to do the same is indeed pretty simple and easy to understand. People simply need to provide their pnr number and station name where the delivery needs to be getting done and simply go through the menu. Once they know what to order, let them know of the same and irrespective of whether the order is been placed via web or via mobile app or via call, the process remains the same. If there is a bulk order or something, people definitely get extra discounts for the order placed. It could be clumsy to select the right vendor amidst availability of so many of them to get quality and timely train food delivery. Want to get some help with the same? Travel Khana is one famous and reliable e-catering firm that has carved a niche in the industry as well as gained trust of many from all around. The restaurants and joints with which it has tied up have actually gone under strict supervision considering varied aspects including quality of food and services, repo, and more. So, if you want the best value for your money that is been incurred, go for their services and simply turn your journey into an extra bliss.

Guide to Move to Shanghai for Parents

All On board! This Is the China CCRC Express!

“It took in excess of one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily,” murmurs Marlene Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg’s film 1932 adjustment of Harry Hervey’s book Shanghai Express. She surely has her very much manicured claws sunk into a greater number of men than she can check in this fascinating far-Eastern, chiaroscuro-cinematographic experience. Among her kindred travelers on the Shanghai Express are her disappointed previous life partner’, unflinching English restorative officer Clive Stream; over-enthusiastic evangelist Lawrence Give; dope bootlegger Gustav von Seyffertitz; and puzzling Eurasian specialist Warner Oland. Coincidently, Oland showed up in other China-themed films, most eminently as Charlie Chan, the considerate and courageous Chinese analyst situated in Honolulu and additionally a future motion picture character for this article.

As the prepare chugs through the more slippery sections of war-torn China, Oland uncovers himself as the pioneer of a revolutionary gathering, who intends to hold the travelers prisoner to secure the arrival of his detained constituents. In Boule de Suif design, Dietrich, who depicts an infamous “Chinese napkin” has remained sexually remote all through the outing, offers herself to Oland to spare the life of Creek, the man she really cherishes. Coordinated by Josef von Sternberg at his most orgiastic (look at the long, waiting breaks down!), Shanghai Express is 80% style and 20% substance.

Tickets, please

This article is about China’s 3 biggest and most obvious geriatric care improvements to date. I caution you ahead of time, this article is horrendously long yet the data passed on is imperative for those intrigued by senior living in China. Every one of these tasks has been in the market for no less than 2 years and in one case almost 5 years. I call them CCRC’s (proceeding with mind retirement groups) since, well, that is the thing that they set out to be and in some part that is the thing that the engineers have accomplished…or, even better, are obviously attempting to achieve. One of these advancements had the advantage of constrained outside help, the others didn’t. The one that did plainly profited and subsequently has the best matured care program in China today. All are chugging alongside regular shortcomings and every ha their qualities. In aggregate, it is a blended pack and to the unpracticed eye (read: China senior living background, not western senior living knowledge; I say this as almost all western geriatric care specialists who see their first China venture quickly infer that all China senior care is a prepare wreck) it may appear as though the possibility of senior living in China is simply on the wrong track. Be that as it may, it is early and the prepare hasn’t left the station, in any event not right now.

The individuals who try to lead the senior care business in China are all around encouraged to recall a couple of essential guidelines of the China senior care understanding: to start with, China senior living is the place Western geriatric care was in 1950 however assembling steam rapidly; second, never judge an undertaking outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand, which means: contrasting a task in Chongqing with a venture in Santa Clause Barbara is useless as the purchasers of the Chongqing venture don’t have that decision considerably less that point of view; third, the higher one remains in the sharpness chain, the more use one has…which converts into progress; lastly, remain in the first class mentor, period.

Prior to this prepare leaves; I might want to mention one final objective fact. My contemplations beneath are a somewhat basic examination verging on subjective assessment and now and again, some artistic ridiculing. Keeping in mind that I be confined by the General population’s Senior Living Police at Beijing Nan Zhan (FYI: a colossal prepare station), I ask lenient thought that these considerations be seen not as unfeeling judgment, vindictive denigration, negative analysis or, paradise prohibit, Confucian lewdness of any CCRC talked about here or China’s senior living potential when all is said in done. An incredible opposite, I am no defector; I see a brilliant future and if these three groups indicate what the Chinese can achieve appropriate out of the crate, at that point the following decade will be remarkable for experts in the China geriatric care business.

Lastly, as the shriek blows, for those perusers not by any means comfortable with a CCRC, they are generally characterized as a grounds style private complex amassing a blend of free living homes for dynamic yet senior grown-ups, helped living units for more seasoned grown-ups requiring some help with their everyday exercises and gifted nursing tend to slight or sick grown-ups requiring regular help or intense therapeutic care. Also, there are frequently assortments of social courtesies; practice offices and business bolster administrations which offer fundamental necessities and arrangements, for example, hair salon, clothing/cleaners and assortment store.

In the first place stop, General’s Garden…..General’s Garden!

When I initially went to General’s Garden almost two years back, I thought, “This is it….modern senior living has without a doubt touched base in China”. However, after my fourth outing and some really thorough examination and investigation, I started to see the splits in both equipment and programming, it might be said, and the General’s Garden’s train was coming up short on steam.

General’s Garden was opened to people in general around 2009. It is situated in the upper east quadrant of Beijing (off fourth Ring Street), not a long way from Beijing Capital Universal air terminal and the Exhibition hall of Film.


Wellington College Shanghai

Hotel in Chinaguide  , in French

Top Quick Facts about the Spectacular Caribbean Islands

Several people throughout the year visit the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. People who still aren’t aware of the beautiful place should definitely learn about it more. The islands are spectacular and so are the inhabitants. Most of their main economy depends on the tourism. Most tourists hail from the countries of the USA and the UK as it is quite popular over there. One of the luxurious things one can do is to rent a Villa in the Caribbean and then explore the islands. So, we thought of bringing forth facts about the beautiful place. This would help many people in knowing the Caribbean in a much better way. So, let us begin.

Amazing Facts about the Caribbean:

We cannot possibly touch every fact, so we have kept them simple and easy to understand. We really hope that you love the facts. So, here are some of the facts:

  • Location of the Caribbean Islands:

We can say that the location of the islands is south-east to the Gulf of Mexico and the Northern American mainland.  When we measure it from North to South it comes to approximately 1,000 miles. On measuring from East to West it is about 2,500 miles. Their situation is generally regarded as the Caribbean Plate.

  • What is the Caribbean made of?

There are lots of things going on in this area. It is said that the Caribbean is made up of more than 700 islands, islets, reefs,and cays that surround the Caribbean Sea. The geography of the place is diverse as you are getting coral reeds, mountains, waterfalls, valleys, volcanoes and tropical rainforests.

The Caribbean has been divided into four sections to make it easy on people. Also, these sections comprise of the island nations of the Caribbean. These are:

  • The Greater Antilles containing islands such as Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands.
  • The Lesser Antilles includes Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Montserrat, Saint Martin, Saba, Saint Eustatius, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts & Nevis, and U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • The Leeward Antilles includes Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire.
  • The Windward Islands include Barbados, Dominica, Grenada with sister island Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, and Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Beyond this, there is a region of the Lucayan Archipelago which doesn’t really fall in the Caribbean area but they are included in it. The nation of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos falls under this place.

Only 2% of the islands present in the Caribbean area are actually inhabited by people


  • Population:


About 42.5 million or more people reside in the Caribbean area. Among them, about 11.4 million are from Cuba and about 10.8 million are from Haiti. Montserrat has a population of about 5,200 people after the eruption of the Soufrière Hills Volcano. Multiculturalism is present in all of the Caribbean. Christianity of some form of the other is the main religion. There are some interesting religions like the voodoo, Santeriá,andOrisha. Jamaica holds the record of having the most number of churches per square mile. The place has about 1600 churches in total.

  • About the name West Indies:

You will often come across the name West Indies and you may be confused about it. Actually, the name West Indies is associated with the Caribbean. It hails back to the time when Christopher Columbus landed in the islands of the Caribbean. He took it to be the East Indies so he started calling the people present in the place as Indians. But he realized that he has actually sailed to somewhere else. So, now the Caribbean is called the West Indies. The name is popularly used for their cricket team which is world-renowned.

  • Language:

The most ethnic groups that have been formed in the Caribbean are due to the slaves that colonizers brought. Their main aim was to farm tobacco and sugar cane. So, the people derived their own language or used the language that their owners have. The most prevalent languages are the English, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, Dutch,and Papiamento.

  • Biodiversity:

A region like the Caribbean has to have a rich biodiversity in it. As most of the islands remain uninhabited, it becomes a thriving place for the animals and nature. Some of the facts are:

  • The Parrotfish found in the Caribbean are important for keeping the beaches alive. They ingest the coral reefs and the sand is made through their excrement. These make the white sands that are famous in the Caribbean. They also feed on algae to keep the water crystal clear.
  • More than 500 species of birds are found in the Caribbean. Among them, about 172 species are indigenous to the area.
  • Iguanas have existed in the region for more than 12 million years. They are one of the largest land vertebrates that one can find in the Caribbean. They make the islands colorful by spreading seeds of many plants.
  • The moruga scorpion chili is one of the hottest chilies in this world. It can be only found in Trinidad.
  • James Bond:

Our beloved James Bond was actually created in Jamaica. The idea came to the author Ian Fleming while staying in Jamaica. He bought the house ‘GoldenEye’ which is now a luxury hotel. Even the shooting of the first Bond movie ‘Dr. No’ happened in Jamaica.

There is a lot more you can learn about the Caribbean. But this would be a good starting for someone who isn’t aware of the secularity of the country. So, take a tour of the area to see the beauty with your own eyes.

This article is submitted by Seema Gurnani, who’s a travel blogger and owns www.pandareviewz.com