How to book Google-ITA Software Matrix Results

Method 1: Google Flights

The Google Flights are using the ITA Matrix Software and the flight search engine. It should have to return the same results in theory. The only thing which is different here is that Google Flight’s matrix will let you book and purchase the flights. Searching for the flights on Google Flights is very easy and you can also compare the fare with all the other booking engines like Orbitz and Kayak.

So why to use the ITA Matrix? Simple it will offer more advanced searching functionality than the google flights matrix such as the advanced routing codes or the nifty calendar of fares. Whatever search result you will get on the ITA Matrix, plug that all into the Google Matrix Flights.

Go to the Google Flights – The default is the round trip, but there is the option for choosing the one-way and multi-city if you like. Enter the Depart from and the Destination city. You can also pick the number of passengers and the cabin type which you would like on ITA Matrix.

Google Flights Search Results

Click on the Dates panel. This will show you the results which are similar to the fares calendar which you will found on the ITA Matrix. This will display the prices of the airfare based on the days which you will pick.

google flights matrix

Google Flights Fare Calendar

Click the day and the price on the calendar and then scroll down to reveal the list of the flights. Click on the flight of choice and Google flights will reveal various options from various airline booking services like Priceline or Expedia where you will purchase the airfare and book your flight.

Google Flights Booking Dashboard

Choose the booking service purchase for your tickets and then you are done. Be aware similar to the Google-ITA Matrix, Google Flights will not able to retrieve the Southwest Airline Price. Be sure to check the extra fees for the airlines like additional baggage fees.

Method 2: Orbitz

With this method, you can directly go to the Orbitz to search and directly book the flights you will find in the Google-ITA Matrix. As mentioned previously, Orbitz is also using the same flight search engine as ITA software so the results should be very similar.