How to Navigate inside the Airport

Travelling by air for the first time for many passengers could be a torrid time for them. Anything could go wrong; this will spoil the first time flying experience. A few general tips on how to follow the perfect routine of boarding your plane and reaching your destination are defined below –

  • Get your boarding pass printed at the counter and check in your luggage. This is one step where people generally mess up. Nowadays, many airports allow you to get your boarding pass printed online. You could do this at the airport as well. Once you reach the front desk of your airline carrier at the airport, mention your name and give them your id. They will then ask about your checked luggage and give you an automated printed boarding pass.
  • In case you have to change your flight due to layovers, you should ask the person at the counter to give you a boarding pass for that too.
  • The checked in luggage has a maximum weight allowance. It depends on the airline. In case your luggage load is much higher, you will have to pay extra. So check the airline requirements to ensure you do not end up paying higher. All this will be mentioned along with the New Delhi to Mumbai flights schedule.

New Delhi to Mumbai flights schedule

  • In case you have expensive belongings and do not wish to send this over to luggage check in, you can carry this along with you on the plane while travelling. Again, there is a maximum weight allowance you can carry. Otherwise, you will be asked to check in your bags at the luggage counter.
  • In case you are just printing your boarding pass, and you are not carrying any luggage with you so that check in is not required, you can by-pass the stopping at the airline counter.
  • Once your checking in and boarding pass acquisition is done, you can head towards the security for a check-up. You must successfully pass through the security guards without any hassles. A point to be noted is that airports take security very seriously. So you will have to cooperate with them to ensure no issues arise.
  • An agent will be waiting there for those who need help in the entire process up till here. You could request the guide to help you out in case of any discrepancy.
  • Find your gate and terminal number once you have gone past the security on a positive note. There should be a lot of signs indicating the id and the terminal number. This is also printed on your boarding pass.
  • Now, wait for the boarding to begin at the airport. It is always good to arrive early to the airport in case there is a postponement or if the flight has been preponed. You can be fortunate if you are able to convince the flight attendant at the counter to give you better seats of fly business class! Yes, you read that right! You can fly business class if there is availability!
  • Last, but not the least, keep your eyes and ears always open for important announcements. Try not to stray away from your boarding gate, in case the boarding starts early.