Best Luggage to Keep Your Important Stuff during Holiday

Latest update of most recommended options

For every travel destination, we have to count on our luggage to keep in our precious stuff inside this luggage.  Sometimes you also need to bring in your electronic stuff such as laptop, battery charger or any other electronic gadget during the travelling time. So the capability of your luggage in your travelling time makes an important role. In this article, we will find out more about  lucas luggages that bring varieties of travelling suitcase options.

  1. Ultra Lightweight with 3 Pcs Luggages in a Set

The first recommended luggage is an Ultra Lightweight set that consist of 3 size in a small, medium and large suitcase.  The best thing about this suitcase is the strong handle made from Aluminum material and 8 spinner wheels which could move the suitcase in 4 different directions. Overall size combination of these 3 suitcases increases the capability to contain more stuff inside so you could buy almost anything during your travel time.

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  1. Hard case 20”expandable suitcase

The next suitcase choice is the one with hard case cover in the size of 20”. This durable hard-shell made from polycarbonate construction material that gives more durability and strength. The interior designed with high-quality fabrics and sleek design to keep your stuff inside in safety condition.The middle part of the body could be expandable through the zipper unlocked feature. So whenever you have more loads, then you could use this option. And then you can replace it again to the normal shape if you have fewer loads. This might be an effective style to manage your storage space.

  1. Accelerator 26” Suitcase

Another option is specially designed for a sporty fashion luggage. Overall size is 26” with 100% polyester material make it become one of the most durable suitcases on the list. In addition to that, this suitcase also has so many pockets on the front side. Has a top handle.

  1. Ultra Lightweight with Large Soft side 24”– Biarritz Design

Our next option is dedicated for a stylish person since it is made with a special pattern in a soft side outer material. The overall size is 24 inches with additional extra pockets on the front side. Overall material weight is designed in a lightweight material to prevent additional material in bringing overweight carrier.

  1. Troy Hard Case

This is the best option to protect your precious things inside your luggage because it is made from a precious premium quality cover construction. It is available in red and blue color options in 28 inches dimension size. Handling features work by 8 spin wheel systems, providing 360-degree maneuver rotation to enable its move in any direction.