Rishikesh being the most prominent pilgrim with great religious significance is famous for its spiritual aura, visited by average thousands of people every day this place has a tourist-friendly atmosphere. Apart from amazing cuisines, spiritual ashrams, yoga, and meditation in rishikesh are also very popular. These all factors make Rishikesh a popular hub for tourists of India as well as abroad.


Rishikesh has a cultural tradition and not much influenced by Western tradition. The most important festivals here are Holi and Diwali.  The most spoken language of Rishikesh is Hindi and Garhwali. It is a peaceful place with all types of people and a peaceful atmosphere. Being a  holy town Nonvegetarian food is prohibited and only Vegetarian food is found. Although amazing Chinese and continental food is found here. Keeping the tourist crowd in mind it serves great food for them too. Rishikesh always has the best to offer and serve to be it in music, yoga, adventure, spirituality, and meditation. The culture can be best experienced in the following ways:-

1)ENJOYING FESTIVALS:- Rishikesh being popular for Hindu devotees celebrates a lot of Hindu festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dusshera and famous international yoga festival. All these festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and love. The month of Sawan also has great importance here.

2)RELISHING THE LOCAL CUISINE:- Aalthough being purely vegetarian you can enjoy freshly prepared, spicy, Satvik and Garhwali food here. The most popular across Ram Jhula is Chotiwala were grabbing an authentic Indian thali is a must. While there you must definitely have hands on the falooda kulfi too.

3)GHATS OF GANGA:- Ganga is sure of purity for Hindus. It is considered to be very pure and holy. Rishikesh has the most cleaner waters of Ganga than any other religious prominent towns of North India. The town is full of Ghats with river Ganga surrounding them which gives an atmosphere of great spirituality and positivity. The Ganga Arti is a regular ritual which is performed every evening here in Rishikesh. All the tourists, devotees, pilgrims and people from all place pay their respect to river Ganga by floating diyas(lamps) in the holy river Ganga. Amongst all the ghats the Triveni Ghat is the most popular and visited one. It is the Sangam(confluence) of river Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati which makes it the selling feature to tourists. It also offers ferry ride to cross river Ganga and explore different parts of the town.

4)YOGA AND MEDITATION CENTRE:- Rishikesh is famous for its yoga and meditation center too. The Swarg Ashram is the oldest amongst them.  Located on banks of the river it is the perfect place to meditate. Another renowned yoga center is Parmarth Niketan. These yoga classes introduce you to different yoga techniques and cleanse your soul and mind. Some of the yoga centers also offer three-time meals and own accommodation.

5)LAKSHMAN JHULA AND RAM JHULA:- Rishikesh is surrounded by hills on either side which is connected by hills i.e Ram jhula and Lakshman Jhula. These bridges are flooded with local markets exhibiting local handicraft items, precious stones, and puja items. Many Woollen beads, crystals, semi stones, rudhrakshas, Brijwasi, and Garhwal wool are found here. DVD and Cds of bhajans and recantation of slokas and hymns are also found here. You can also explore the Holy and Adventurous destination of Rishikesh by other opportunities like trekking, rafting, river jumping and many more.