Five Incredible Things To Do In Mussoorie

Well known as the queen of hills, Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station located in the state of Uttarakhand. This charming town is present at the foothills of the Himalayan Range.

The lush green forest and hills makes it an attractive destination for a honeymoon, weekend getaway, family trip and more. Along with the scenic beauty, amenities such as stay, guest house, and hotels in Mussoorie are also too good.

There are many places to visit such as valleys, temples and many recreational spots for tourist to experience in Mussoorie. It’s said that the best time to visit Mussoorie is between Mid-May to Mid-October.

Here is a list of top 5 things that you should not miss not miss In Mussoorie, have a look:

Top 5 Things that you shouldn’t miss in Mussoorie:


Trekking and Hiking:

Visiting a hill station and missing a trek doesn’t sound good. When visiting with friends or family, trekking would be fun to do. There are many places in Mussoorie to experience trekking. Camel’s Back road, LalTibba, and Gun hill are among the few places where you can have a wonderful trekking experience through the clouds, green valleys making the trip memorable. Trekking providers present in Mussoorie can assist you.



One can experience the best paragliding ever in Mussoorie, There are many paragliding operators who help in making your trip adventurous. Enjoying paragliding over the lakes and hills is definitely worthwhile. Paragliding is perfect for them who want to experience the thrill and adventure. Paragliding is mostly operated throughout the season. The cost varies depending on the location and time.

River Rafting:

River and the streams make it perfect to experience the incredible adrenaline rush of river rafting. These rivers flow through the rocks, hills, and forests giving an exotic thrilling experience. Rapids of the rivers make it so challenging and add enjoyment to the rafting. Dhauliganga, Yamuna, and Kali rivers are among the most preferred location for rafting. Usually, plans are customizable under the tour packages.

River Rafting

Sky-riding and zip-lining:

Activities such as sky-riding, zip-lining are becoming more popular. Mussoorie is one of the popular destinations to experience this kind of activities. Ropes lying above 100 mts from the ground make so enchanting experience to have.

In Sky-riding, a person walks on the rope while in zip-lining, a freely suspended pulley is present over the rope which helps in supporting the person and sliding from top to bottom based on the gravity level.

Mussoorie Adventure Park, Real Adventures sports are few of the sports provider. Along with these sports, zip-swings, parasailing, rock climbing can be experienced. There are different cost based on the sports package selected. Visiting Mussoorie and experience this adventurous sports is a must to have extra fun.

Wildlife Safari:

Visiting the sanctuary gives the animal lover much enthusiasm when with family it would be a wonderful experience for kids to spot many wildlife. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the famous sanctuaries to visit. It’s great for camping and trekking as well. Landscapes of snow filled mountains can also be viewed. Corbet National Park and Jabarkhet wildlife Sanctuary are also tourist places to visit.

This was a small guide provided to you all to make your trip filled with fun and enjoyment. This is the most incredible thing to do during the visit to Mussoorie.  Enjoying shopping, visiting Temple,  sunrise and sunset points are some of the things that you can add to your trip to make it memorable. Go Mussoorie have fun and make memories.

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