Summer Extravaganza! 4 experimental Ice-cream Parlours in Delhi!

Ice-cream – the word cannot be read, written or thought about without bringing a smile on our faces. A forever favourite food, ice-cream delights the young and the adult alike. These creamy concoctions come in delicious flavours – from the classic vanilla and chocolate to fruity mango, strawberry and raspberry and dry-fruit enriched pistachio and rum and raisins. Then there is mint ice-cream and bubble gum ice-cream. With so many choices, there cannot be just one favourite. The type of ice-cream also varies – there are popsicles, snow cones, sorbet ice-cream, gelato, ice-cream cakes, bars, sticks, cones, floats and sundaes. The more Indian alternatives are Kulfi, Chuski and RabriFalooda. If you are in Delhi and want a sumptuous scoop, just visit these places. There are many hotels in New Delhi that you can book via ixigo and enjoy a happy stay in the city.

Sultry summer days are just another excuse to eat more ice-cream and when there’s so much to choose from, the longer days do not seem to be long enough. The newest trend in town is experimenting with ice-creams and not just in terms of blending flavours or churning up new flavours. Your taste buds are in for a treat at these 5 Ice-cream parlours in Delhi.


One of the newer trends of ice-cream experimentation is Nitrogen ice-cream. ‘Azote’ in Italian means Nitrogen. This ice-cream parlour in SDA Community Center has a french setting serving everything between macarons, panna cotta and sorbets. Of course, the favourite is a frozen Nitro ice-cream with a flavour infusion. The ice-cream is freshly prepared, right in front of you. Unique flavours with innovative infusions are a specialty. Red velvet and Coffee Nitro ice-cream with chocolate infusion are fan favourites from this establishment. If you are not in Delhi, book Ixigo Delhi flights and enjoy flavourful ice-creams with a twist this summer.

Niice Cream

Another ice-cream parlour serving Nitrogen ice-cream in Delhi is Niice Cream at its two branches, DLF Place Mall in Saket and HauzKhas Village. Their 5-step formula to heaven is an exhilarating ride. The best thing about this establishment is that they let you choose your flavour combinations, toppings, infusions and even colours and how creamy you want your ice-cream. So it is possible to eat a vanilla ice-cream that is green or red in colour. They serve ice-creams with flavour infusions too.

Ice Pan Creamery

Pan made ice-cream rolls is a divine dessert delight. These rolls are made right in front of you with unique flavour combinations. Sorbet favourites from the menu are Blueberry Overload, Mango & Raspberry and Tequila Shot. Try combinations like Vanilla Orange and Mango Imli as they are absolute works of perfection. Extra toppings of nutella, fruits, caramel sauce can be added for an additional charge.


A popsicle heaven, Frugurpop has made a name for itself in only a short amount of time. Basically, ice lollies (our childhood favourites) have been redefined as handmade gourmet popsicles. Their interesting blend of flavours like Green Apple Mint Tea, Pomegranate Raspberry, Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade and Peach Plum Cranberry are a class apart. Relish the deliciousness of these delectable popsicles.

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