3 Excursions one must take on a short trip to ensenada

Bequeathing you with Mexico’s eccentric experiences Ensenada is one of Mexico’s most-visited cities. Along with a plethora of sights and landmarks that make it to the top of the best things to do in Ensenada, it is the stunning outdoors that has many looking up a trip planner for fun excursions around them. Its location off the Baja California Peninsula ensures you don’t run out of places where you can embark the city’s outdoor goodness. The city has garnered considerable tourism owing to its shaping reputation of that of a cruise ship destination. If all this information has got you thinking about planning a trip to Ensenada, here are three excursions you’ve got to consider!

The Las Canadas Canopy Excursion

things to do in Ensenada

To experience Ensenada in its most rustic form, you’ve got to stay or let’s say camp at rustic places and do rustic things. The Las Canadas Canopy is one such place where along with undertaking all the aforementioned things, you can have a time of your life doing adrenaline-rushing things. From zip lining, racing on ATVs, horse riding to walking on wobbly hanging bridges, this place will leave no stone unturned to ensure you leave taking some of the region’s best experiences. If it gets too hot for you, you can resort to the water activities here that include swimming pools, slides, and thrilling diving boards. One place that ensures the entire family is having a good time, the  Las Canadas Canopy is highly sought-after.

Baja Vino Excursion

When you think Mexico, it’s only given that you think tequila! Ensenada will pleasantly surprise you with a handful of wineries and vineyards. Introduce yourselves to the authentic El Vall life at the Baja Vino vineyard which is counted as one of the best attractions in Ensenada. You can easily spend the entire day here if you plan to spend more than two days in Ensenada. People are drawn to this vineyard for its enlightening wine tours, followed by wine tasting sessions. Good food combined with some great wine ascertain a fabulous time! The place tends to be pretty crowded on weekends, so if you wish to skip the crowds, planning your visit around weekdays is suggested. Many who have visited this place have noted how the owner’s relationship with the locals here have earned this vineyard itself a nice over others. English and Spanish are two languages that people can take the tours in.

Desert Excursion

Ensenada’s diverse topography is hard to cover in one day and two or more days will do you just good to head to places like this uber-fun desert trails. This place is perfect for those who love horse riding. Exploring the region sitting on horsebacks is what you must look forward to here. Don’t worry if this is your first time riding a horse, you can avail horse riding lessons too here. And if you thought all this comes with a huge price, hold on! The reasonable rates here will make you want to go here more than once.