Relocate RVs for a Great Vacation

If you like to travel and are able to pick up and leave at a moment’s notice, then working with a vehicle rental company to drive their vehicles from one location to another may be a great way for you to take inexpensive vacations all across the country. A lot of people don’t know that rental companies will sometimes have to move RVs from one location to another, depending on where their prior customers dropped them off. Instead of employing people to relocate them, they will sometimes allow customers to drive them to the other location for a very nominal fee. This makes it perfect for those who have a lot of flexibility in their travel and vacation schedules and want to travel on a budget.

How Do Relocations Work?

When customers rent vehicles, they will often drop them off at a branch or location different from the one where they picked them up. This isn’t always a problem, but sometimes certain locations start losing inventory and others have too many vehicles on the lot available for rent. This is when the company will need to move some of those vehicles or RVs to the other location to spread out the inventory. While it would be possible to hire employees whose jobs are to move these vehicles all across the country, allowing customers to rent the vehicles for a very low price is a smart business move.

What Are the Benefits?

The customer who will help with the RV relocation has to pay a small daily fee but often has the option to extend the rental period beyond what it will take to complete the relocation. This is perfect for customers who have an open travel plan or were simply headed in that direction anyway. Customers who love to travel but may not have the largest travel budget will quickly see the value in this deal. As part of the deal, there is a free tank of fuel included in the relocation.

How to Begin Relocating RVs?

It’s simple if you want to start helping relocate RVs. One great way to get started is to keep an eye on rental companies’ Twitter and Facebook feeds as they will often post available relocations there. Once you see one that you are interested in, you will have to act fast as the popular ones will go quickly. After signing the paperwork and supplying your credit card information as insurance for the cost of the trip, you will be allowed to pick up the vehicle and begin your trip. Each trip has certain mileage allowances so make sure that you stay within them so you aren’t charged an extra fee!

Being able to travel between some major cities in the United States for a small fee in a cushy vehicle is a great way to see some of this beautiful country. No matter your reason for a trip, a family vacation or weekend away with friends, you’re sure to love helping relocate vehicles and will enjoy the perks that come with the job.