MEH: Even miles away, it is a Play you can call your HOME!

If you are looking for a place whenever you are in a holiday or far away from home, at the Mail Exchange Hotel, its entryways are open for families and companions to go back to their memories, inquisitive personalities to investigate, occupied voyagers to rest, and everything in the middle. It is a high standard restaurant and quality hotel full of luxury and convenience.

It was built upon the place that is known for Sir Robert Hoddle, Melbourne’s first surveyor, the MEH was a legendary hotel from history – full of memories.

Since it was a notable Mail Center of Melbourne, you’ll appreciate this legacy recorded structure which has experienced numerous changes over the previous century. In any case, fortunately, it’s as yet inserted with pieces from the past, including its unique vault entryways. Its structure has flourished consistently, conveying happiness to individuals like you, generations from before, now and in the future.

Why visit MEH?

In order to witness the beauty of the MEH and actually experience the greatness and luxuriousness of their services, visit it yourself. And you’ll get to know the reason why many people have been visiting and coming back for more. For the highlights, MEH has:

  • Eating Area

MEH eatery can suit 200 individuals with its huge and open to feasting zone. Mail Exchange Hotel has its own specific flavor and all around completed current restaurant. In their bar style and faintly lit bistro, you get the chance to taste heaven by their luscious and tasty foods with planning corresponding and particularly curated wine and refreshments. Their neighborhood and season-awakened equations and cooking styles are a comment for. They have separate menus for Breakfast, Dinner, and Launch – in with enticing and flavorful spellbinding sustenance formulas and cooking styles. Furthermore, remember the wine and additional items from the rundown of dinners.

Here in MEH, wherever is fun, agreeable, and satisfying. They have a huge amount of spots for you to wind around and appreciate.

  • Modern Bar

With each event that happens at Etihad Stadium, their bar murmurs with vitality and life. You don’t have to try searching for redirection or amusement for each fun that you need will, without a doubt, be satisfied.

For Coffee and Cocktails, you can likewise make a trip to get your morning coffee while in travel to the work environment, or a cold one going before heading home. On the off chance that you’re an ordinary voyager hunting down a blended beverage to complete the perfect Melbourne trip, the Mail Exchange lodging will be the perfect spot for you to stop by – deliberately put inverse Southern Cross Station and the sky buses. All that you ever require in a bar is simply before your eyes. Fragrant and sweet-smelling coffee blended beverages available. Get now and continue with your Melbourne visit joyfully.

In like manner, they offer the world’s best whiskeys and wines for everyone to appreciate. It was supported by means of purposely picked wines from the world’s praiseworthy zones, top-rack spirits, and a prevalent selection of whiskeys from around the world. Achieved bartenders at the Mail Exchange Hotel are getting it done administration.

  • Capacity Halls

MEH has two in vogue, wide spaces accessible and available to utilize, you have the adaptability to have get-togethers of every kind. We even offer bespoke supper groups that’ll put a smile on even the pickiest of eaters.

Not just that, MEH have a yard, lounges for loosening up, TAB workplaces, and free Wi-Fi for every customer to appreciate. To learn more and for check-ins, you are free to visit their site at With Mail Exchange Hotel, the fun never closes!