5 best family activities in Singapore that you should look out for during your holidays

As far as family travel destinations go, few places come close to being as comprehensive as Singapore. In addition to being clean and well organised, the most comforting thing to know about Singapore is that it is safe. Also, Singapore has something for everyone. Among its various cultural experiences, food, adventure and spots to explore, there is so much to learn and experience that everyone in the family can take something away from their trip.

Singapore’s population is made up of three main communities – Indian, Chinese and Malay. It is often described as a melting pot. Its national traditions and cultures are unique in that they are shaped by the above-mentioned three influences acting in tandem. Although a cosmopolitan city, the country is proud of its diversity and people respect each other’s differences.

5 activities you must definitely do when in Singapore with your family

  • Tour Singapore’s farms – Families can participate in all kinds of activities on Singapore’s farms like fishing, meeting and feeding farm animals and visiting food museums. Some farms even have overnight accommodation on site. The various farms include organic farms, dairy farms, goat milk farms, frog farms, crocodile farms and turtle and tortoise farms.
  • Take an outdoor picnic –Besides the many benefits of fresh air and being in nature, a picnic is also a great chance to regroup as a family. When picking a picnic spot in Singapore, consider the crowd factor as well as the costs. Singapore is full of parks, each with a unique proposition. East Coast Park is a beach park with barbecue pits ready for use. Hindehede Nature Park is set in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Jurong Park houses the Japanese and Chinese gardens and boasts unique plant life to feed your eyes on.
  • Adventure on Sentosa Island – Getting to Sentosa Island is its own adventure when you take the cable-car. On reaching, there are numerous adventure activities perfect for families. At 4D Adventureland, watch a 4D movie, go on a virtual roller coaster or engage in virtual reality games. At Universal Studios, you can have experiences like rides, games and simulations based on your favourite hit movies. Amp up the adrenaline at Adventure Cove Waterpark on their fast waterslides and swim with the fish. Be sure to visit Madame Tussauds on the island and encounter their lifelike wax statues of celebrities and public figures.
  • Visit the Singapore Zoo – The Singapore Zoo is so designed that one feels like they are right next to the animals. The zoo is zoned in different habitats to accommodate different habitat requirements of wildlife. Kids can hit the Rainforest Kidzworld at the zoo, a water park that is a wet playground. The zoo has various animal shows at the Amphitheater as well. The Elephants at Work show will display elephants as they interact with their natural environment.
  • Hop on the River Safari Singapore – On the river safari, families can meander through eight river habitats and view different animals, including the giant panda, salamanders, otters and catfish.

Singapore is a great and exciting travel destination. It is easy to get around so families can, for the most part, use public transport. Also, there is hardly a language barrier, so, do interact with the locals. Singapore’s weather is hot and humid nearly all year round with two to three rainy months. Most of the street food is safe to eat, so travellers need not worry about that too much, either. Plan a trip to Singapore with family today itself!