First trip to take With Your Significant Other

You have been dating for a while and you and your partner are thinking about taking a trip together. Since this is the first trip, you both want it to be special and this means selecting a place that has it all.

Well to get things started you need to select a region of the world that is known for hosting romantic getaways and for making memories that couples can cherish forever. This really narrows things down and points you only to a few places. One that should really spark your interest is the area of Southern Europe around the Mediterranean Sea.

This part of the world has been providing a backdrop, activities, and a mood that has created and maintained some of the greatest loves in history. Whether it is Couples from ancient stories like Helen of Troy, or more modern ones, the list is long and impressive.

There are the well-known European love capitals of Barcelona, Valencia, Saint-Tropez, and Sicily. There is also the Spanish Capital Barcelona is where many romantic dances were created. Lovers have flocked here for centuries to remind themselves why they so attracted to each other. Certainly one of the most storied places that sits on the Mediterranean is the island of Mykonos. For thousands of years this Greek treasure has attracted lovers from all around the known world. The island keeps this tradition today, and is recognized as a go-to place for Romance.

Although Mykonos on the surface might not compare to some of the other places along the Mediterranean, understanding what is on the island and the effect it has on lovers might make you change your mind.

Ideal weather for love

Mykonos boasts some of the best weather in all of Europe. During the summer months, the island is warm and sunny, but not overbearingly hot. Blessed with a cool breeze that constantly blows from the Mediterranean, the temperature is always perfect no matter the time of day. The weather is ideal forgetting you and your partner to wear clothes that will reveal some skin.

Romantic resorts

The island of Mykonos has a variety of romantic resorts for you and your lover too consider. One in particular called the Adorno Suites hotel at, Stands out as a great location for lovers. The resort has a secluded feel, with lots of greenery and the beautiful design. There are many places for you and your lover too relaxing and explore and to catch a little privacy. The resort even has its own private Beach we gas can relax, swim, and Sun themselves in privacy. If you are the types that don’t like to leave your room, you can book a room with its own private pool. Order room service is often as you like, and even have a masseuse come to your room if you feel stressed.

Romantic restaurants

First trip to take With Your Significant Other

 Mykonos has a great food selection includes the best local Greek food and a wide variety of tasty international cuisine. We can literally select a different style of food every night, during your stay.Best of all, the island has the most beautiful romantic hotels scattered in different areas. You can book a reservation at a restaurant overlooking the water, the mountains, when the heart of one of the charming small towns on the island. Book a quiet table near the back so that you and your lover can have privacy.

Look good with the perfect tan

It is also the perfect weather for lying on one of Mykonos’ beautiful beaches. The island has several white sand beaches, all of which are kiss by the gentle waves of the Mediterranean.You can lie on the beach all day with your partner in order exotic drinks as you sun together.  There is also a long list of watersports that you can participate in either alone or with your partner. You can jet ski, Scuba, snorkel and rent a boat or kayak on the water.

A Place With Great Picture Taking Opportunities

Pictures provide you and your significant other with memories of how wonderful you time was on Mykonos. When you look at these pictures later you will be reminded of your first trip together.

For your first and most important trip together as a couple, you need to go someplace special. Come toMykonos and have a time together that neither of you will ever forget.