If You Only Have One Day In Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is absolutely amazing and if you are a foodie, it is one of the topmost travel destinations for you. The city gives out a warm and vibrant feeling and is definitely one of the coolest places to go on the planet. Not only does it offer fun and excitement but it is also heaven for someone looking to eat great food and enjoy exotic drinks.

All you have to do is to walk down the streets and the delicious aroma of the incredible and hauntingly tasty food will waft through your nostrils and make you forget about any plans that you might have had. So, without further ado, I share with you the things that you just cannot miss the next time you are in Rio de Janeiro.


Now we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here, I would like to suggest the breakfast of champions (only I call it that) which is a sandwich of Minas Gerais-style grilling sausage. You have got to try ‘Pao com Linguica’ which means “Bread with Sausage”, with the friendly food cart owners.

The sausages are cooked on grills. Your mouth will immediately start watering when you see the delicious, pink, fatty sausages being grilled and flipped.

You will go there for one and stay for another and then another. If you want a recommendation, then go for the double sausage combo sandwich. It is served on a crisp, mini French baguette and is covered from tip to tip with the most amazing aioli sauce, which is a mixture of different herbs and mayonnaise. There are other choices as well.

Mid Morning Espresso

After your breakfast, I’m sure you must have gone to a few places for sightseeing. I would suggest visiting the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Take the Corcovado Tram to the top.

I would love to talk about the breathtaking view from the top and the amazing tram ride but since I’m all about food and Epicurean Tours, I’m going to keep  it about food. That is the reason I’m suggesting the Tram ride. Because once you get out of the tram, just 100 meters away you will find Folie a Deux, which serves the most delicious coffee that you have ever tasted. And it doesn’t put a lot of burden on your pocket as well.

They roast their coffee in-house, which is the best way to do it, and they have a selection of coffee beans from Bahia to match your taste. You can sit inside or take your coffee outside to sit under the trees for a minute and enjoy the street life and prepare yourself for the next part of the journey.

Make your way down the Selaron Steps, which are about 5km away from the Trem do Corcovado staion. You must have seen these steps as they have been featured in a lot of documentaries and music videos. Rio de Janeiro is not complete without the mention of these steps.


As you enjoy your day in Rio de Janeiro, you approach lunch time. The sun is shining down brightly and lunch is always a good thing in Rio de Janeiro.

Let me tell you about your number 1 lunch destination in Rio. For all the meat lovers out there, it has to be the Bar Café Rex. This café merits an entire article on its food and beverages including the photos. You will wish that you could end every morning in the same way as you are doing now.

One thing that you should take care of is that most of the restaurants in Rio de Janeiro are open on the weekends, so they take their break on Mondays.

At Café Rex, you get great food with the most courteous and friendly service that you can ever hope for. Go for the 16-inch platters of sausages, tender beef, and rotisserie chicken.

Portions sizes here are quite large and for most of us they are enough to get us through the entire day. Once you’ve been there, you will always remember the café with fondness and hunger pangs. If you were able to do so, you would go there just for lunch at Café Rex.

They have an exotic and diverse menu which includes the ox tails, sausages, rotisserie chicken, cheese as appetizer, among others.

Evenings At The Beach

Now, how can you go to Rio de Janeiro and not visit the beaches. Who here hasn’t heard of Copacabana? Copacabana is the perfect place to lie down and enjoy the sun, or go for a swim, or play some beach sports with friends or local pros. The scenery is spectacular and the waves are huge.

Get A Snack

If you need something to munch on, try the popular light snack, Biscoito Globo. Made from cassava, these biscuits are light, airy, and delicious. If you feel the need to hydrate yourself, just go for a simple and delicious fresh coconut.


End the perfect day with the perfect Brazilian Meat Kebabs from the street vendors. You will find a huge assortment of items that go really well with the kebabs. Eat it right there, or get it packed to take it with you.

Rio de Janeiro is an exceptional place with friendly people, lots of attractions, and tasty meaty meals for you throughout the day. If you go there, make sure you go for more than a day so you can really enjoy the different types of dishes and beverages over there.