Learn about Student travel insurance and its benefits

Studying overseas is a tough task because you have nobody to watch your back and sometimes situations can make you fall apart. At these tough situations you cannot get immediate help but student travel insurance is a great support at a new place or country. Such insurance is absolutely good for students studying overseas as they take good care of their medical expenses, passport loss and other issues. It doesn’t let you suffer in any conditions and you can get an immediate help and financial assistance as well.

What are the benefits of student travel insurance?

When you go abroad for studying your need varies as you need more than the basic school essentials. It is even compulsory to buy travel insurance for students studying in USA. However few countries such as Singapore, UK and Australia have not made it compulsory. But, no matter where your kid is studying there are few good benefits of buying insurance for them.

Medical cover– unfortunately, if your kid meet with an accident in the foreign country then the medical expense will cost you doubles than in your country. Foreign medical expenses are very expensive. This expense is covered in the insurance where costs related to hospital, emergency surgery and other expense is also covered.

Baggage loss-in case your child lose his/her luggage that contains important documents such as passport, admission forms, currency and other valuables. In such situations insurance company provides proper support to your child.

Flight delay- in case the flight gets cancelled on the day your child is supposed to reach the university and refund is also not possible then the travelling cost becomes double. Student travel insurance also covers the cost of airfare to support you.

Legal help­– in case your kids face any legal trouble then also financial assistance related to legal issues will be covered under the policy.

What does student travel insurance include and exclude?

The insurance policy coverage differs by different insurance provider however few basic elements are covered into all of them. These are as given below:

  • Accidental death benefit
  • Medical evacuation
  • Dental treatment expenses
  • Permanent disability
  • Personal liability
  • Study interruption

Sponsor protection, Compassionate visit, Daily cash allowance benefit ,Childcare benefit ,Screening and examinations ,Emergency accommodation benefit, Hijack cash benefit and Psychological coverage are few more coverage.

However there are few things that are out of student travel insurance. Your policy may not provide expense related to pre-existing medical ailment. Suicide, mental disorder, venereal disease, HIV/AIDS, alcohol or drug abuse are not covered in the policy. Moreover, damage due to negligence or carelessness is also not covered.

Few facts related to policy

You should know few facts as well so that you don’t end up buying inadequate insurance plan. Students at or above 16 are eligible whereas the maximum limit is 35. Learn about the substitutes, cheaper premiums, compulsory clause, premium waver, mandatory risk covers and study interruption cover.

You can also cancel the plan anytime but with a justifiable reason. Check for the cancellation procedure of student travel insurance plan also.