The Top Five Features to Enjoy at Bangkok Hotels

Maybe you’re in Bangkok on a business trip and need a bit of time to unwind after hours at the negotiating table. Maybe you’re in Bangkok with your family on vacation, and likewise want a place to relax after the strenuous journey aboard “planes, trains, and automobiles” to get here. Maybe you are here on business, and maybe you’re here sheerly out of pleasure, but whatever the cause of your stay might be, you’re going to want to book a hotel room with a team that makes client pleasure their business. That means booking with a hotel that not only offers clean, spacious rooms, but a whole host of welcome extras.

Let’s take a look at just some of the most sought-after extras among those looking to book a hotel room in Bangkok.

  1. Free Breakfast Buffets

Let’s be honest – for as fantastic a city as Bangkok is for fine dining, it can also be a bit pricey. You probably don’t want to be spending a fortune at every meal, especially when you’re just looking for some eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee or tea with which to start the day. That’s why the best hotels in Bangkok often offer complimentary breakfast options. What’s more, some go a step further and offer breakfast buffets. As such, this can be a good way to get a great free meal while staying in Bangkok.

  1. Hotel Room Features

Chances are you aren’t going to be interested in spending too much time in your hotel room as compared with the opportunity you have to go traipsing about one of the great cities of Southeast Asia. Even so, it never hurts to have fine accommodations, and the best hotels in Bangkok, thus, offer clients a bevy of features. You’ll be able to enjoy everything from flat-screen TVs and hot tubs to rooms which boast beautiful Thai interiors. These rooms also all have high-speed WiFi, equally critical for those coming to Bangkok on business, as well as those seeking to enjoy it for pleasure.

  1. Kids Areas

If you are looking to drop off your kids for a while, the best hotels in Bangkok tend to give you great options for doing so with specific kid areas. Both indoor and outdoor play centers allow children to play while still being carefully supervised.

  1. Swimming Pools

Even better, the whole family can enjoy hotels with swimming pools. By contrast, for an added touch of coolness, you’ll want to check out a hotel in Bangkok with rooftop swimming pool. These rooftop pools often feature a bit more of an adult vibe, and can be something of a mixture of a club and pool area.

  1. Nice Bars

Negotiating a business deal or herding children all day as you try and help your family navigate their way across Bangkok can be exhausting. For adults looking to relax with a nightcap, the best Bangkok hotels offer fantastic bar options.

Make your stay in Bangkok a fun and relaxing one with hotels which offer fantastic features.