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Finding a good and comfortable hotel the right and easy way

One of the most important things that are on your mind is the hotel that you are planning to stay especially if you are a jet setter, a frequent traveler, or a backpacker.

When it comes to staying in a hotel while you travel to a place that you are not that familiar is the best way to keep yourself cozy, sheltered, and comfortable. The last thing on your mind would be choosing the wrong hotel and the entire travel experience will be disastrous.

The hotel that you have chosen can also affect your overall experience, your mood, and your way of having the impression of the place that you visited considering that the people who traveled far who are exhausted who are all in need of rest and comfort, worse, this could even affect a business deal if there is an important meeting that is held there.

If you have problems on what to do if you do not know how to choose a good and comfortable hotel for your next scheduled travel, follow these easy but effective steps. If you are looking for an click on the URL provided.

comfortable hotel

  • Use your smartphone’s map and GPS- If you have not booked any hotel as part of your itinerary plan, they might as well look for a hotel on the map. Make sure that the hotel that you are choosing is near establishments like restaurants, malls, supermarkets, hospital, police station, and transportation. Mobile gadgets are the most ideal way to choose a good business hotel just by looking in its map that has the exact location and links of the most affordable and the most accessible hotels in a particular area that you will visit. This will save you time in sitting idle in a taxi looking for a hotel from the airport. Much importantly, you should choose a hotel that is near the business district of the place that you will visit and has good access to transportation.
  • The hotel should be accessible- Staying in a hotel that is located within the city that is near bus stations, train stations, or where the taxi can easily get picked up, and most especially near the airport to get to your desired places ahead of time or on time.
  • Serves delicious food- Your planned trip to another place is likely to have an agenda packed on your side and by the time that you arrive at the hotel of your choice, for sure you are too tired and hungry. Make sure that the hotel serves good food.
  • Strong WiFi and internet connectivity- Nowadays, the majority of people are fully relying on technology because of the convenience it brought to everyone’s lives. Most likely, everything that we see is connected to the internet, and a good hotel should have a high-speed internet connection which has a Wi-Fi capability.
  • Neat and clean rooms- You must ensure that the room you are staying in is neat and clean, and well-furnished has a clean bathroom and a shower and has the needed amenities as well.

A History Buff’s Guide to Delhi

            Despite the corporate offices, international restaurants and world-class malls, Delhi is still a city steeped in history that speaks volumes about the Indian past. Intricately carved temples, century old forts and palaces, Indian capital is an ideal base to explore these heritage sites. The city has been a significant centre of financial and political activities in the past, right from the Mughal to the British era. It is every history buff’s paradise with architectural glories standing as memories of the era gone by. If you are planning to have a history walk in Delhi, here are the places that must be on your list:

The Classic Beauty QutubMinar: standing as the tower of victory, this 73 meter minaret was built 1000 years ago and is the second tallest minaret in India. Made of marble and sandstone, this most towering attraction of Delhi has numerous layers of history. The Qutub complexhas the first ever mosque built in India. As you explore this area, marvel the intricate stone carvings on the walls of the minarets, which is a perfect example of Mughal Islamic craftsmanship. This sky reaching tower with its fine details makes it an incredible attraction for all the history geeks.

The Masterpiece Red Fort: built in 1648 by Shah Jahan, Red fort is not just a symbol of Independence from the British rule but also a classic example of ingenuity that thrived under the Mughal Empire. If look you closely at the design of the building and the innovative garden, you will see a fusion of influences from the Hindu, Timurid, Persian and Islamic architecture. This magnificent fort attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. If you wish to know more about its rich heritage and significance, do visit the museum here which showcases the highlights of India’s freedom struggle.

The Indo-Persian Wonder Humayun’s Tomb:  built in 1570, this indo-Persian wonder is of specific cultural significanceas it was the first garden-tomb in Asia. The complex holds many other Mughal garden-tombs,such as Barber’s Tomb, Isa Khan, NilaGumbad that you must explore on your visit to this place. This architectural marvel also inspired many other architectural innovations, including the construction of the iconic TajMahal. Do not miss a visit to this spectacular red monument that holds immense historic significance when exploring the significant monuments of Delhi.

As for your stay in Delhi, you arealways welcome at The LaLiTNew Delhi, one of the finest luxury hotels in Delhi. Located in central capital, it is also one of the renowned 5 star wedding venues in Delhi. The hotel lies in close proximity to most of the popular monuments of the city making it easier for you to explore these stunning marvels from the history.

Explore the endless beauty of nature and historical places

Vacations help a person to get relief from daily hustle of life and be in a stress-free environment for some time. A considerable number of global populations prefer to spend time in a place which has a rich cultural history and has great scenic beauty. This is the main reason why Morocco attracts tourists from every other corner of the world. Tourists can plan their Morocco trip which will help them to spend nights in the magnificent Sahara desert and would get a chance to eat some of the most exquisite dishes made by the local chefs.

There is nothing as compared to trekking in Morocco; tourists get a chance to explore a wide range of natural reservoirs and landscapes on foot or on the back of the camel. This feature will help you to get an exceptional vantage point to explore the beauty of the place and make your trip memorable. Travelers have a wide range of tour packages to choose from which will help them to visit different places according to their preferences.

Wide range of places which you can visit

Sahara desert tour

This package will help you to explore the magnificent sand dunes and enchanting oasis right in the middle of the barren lands. You will also be able to see various Amazigh villages as you’ll cross the desert. This feature will help you to notice the lifestyle and cultural practices of local tribes and will also be able to take souvenirs from the vendors across the villages. Professional guides know the Sahara desert like the back of their hand and they will help you to watch breathtaking sunset in the desert.

The Atlas Mountains

If you love steep slopes of mountains, gorges, and waterfall then this tour package will simply help you to make your dream come true. During the mountain expedition, one can also click beautiful pictures of nature with his or her loved ones. Along with flora of the place, you will also come across different varieties of exotic birds which will simply turn your whole journey into a symphony. Expert guides will also help you to visit one of the highest peaks of Atlas range, named Tizi-n-Tichka from where you can see the magnificent view of the place.

City tours

If you like to visit historical places then the city tour has more than you can take. With professional guides, you can visit Fez, which is considered the city where Jews had settled during the medieval time. You will be able to visit Kairaouine Mosque and Nejjarine Museum which are considered as a great attraction of Fez. The city is also well known for its handicraft, thus you can purchase them as a gift for your friends and relatives.

You can also take the tour of Marrakech city and can visit Djemaa El-Fna. It is a market square which is famous for arts and culture. One can find a wide range of attractions at the square, a performance by snake charmers, good food etc. In Marrakech, one can also visit palaces, tombs, minarets and beautiful gardens which will make your day.


Nepal is the best place adjacent our country with lakes, mountains, valleys, and forests to enjoy your once in a lifetime honeymoon with your closed ones. Visit Nepal gives great vibes to newlyweds both culturally and scenery wise. Apart from the scenic beauty, this place has some great records which are worth checking out like the deepest gorg, tallest mountain and highest lake.


1)POKHARA:- This place located in the Annapurna region of the Himalayan valley is called the city of lakes. Here you can witness cultural traditions, geographical wonders and experience the beauty of nature. There are many famous locations like Lamjung mahal, Dhaulagiri, old bazaar, Seti gorg, Bindya Basini temple, David falls, few lakes and Taal berahi temple and many more. Then from Pokhara, you can move towards Chitwan national park. There you can do sightseeing, observe Tharu culture program, see elephant stable and enjoy the great dinner served there. You can do jungle safari, do rafting, elephant riding and see numerous birds, fishes, and other animals.

2)KATHMANDU:- Kathmandu is a remote but culturally vibrant city of Himalayas. It is a place of fine art and many monasteries and other fun things to do around. There are masterpieces of the medieval period like Sundari Chowk, Krishna Mandir, royal bath and many more.  Then we have the Swoyambhunath stupa which is located on the hilltop around at a distance of 4km from Thamel which commands a picturesque of Kathmandu. Boudhanath Stupa is one of the largest stupas in the world and is located in Nepal. People can also experience real Nepalese culture and cuisine here.


3) NAGARKOT:- Apart from city areas this is the best option for hill lovers. This beautiful place is located on a hilltop and is best to view Mt. Everest and other ranges of the Himalayas. Any couple who stays here can enjoy the paranomic beauty of the hills.

4)DAMAN:- This is another popular hilltop located on the Tribhuvan highway. This place also offers a great view starting from Mt.Everest on the east to Mt. Dhaulagiri on the west.

5)CHITWAN:- For nature lovers this is the best option. There are safaris and parks and you can go on various rides on animal along with enjoying the exceptional beauty of rare birds, animals, and plants.

6)BANDIPUR:- This is the best place to enjoy the serene beauty of Nepal along with its Newari culture. The lush nature will capture you in its beauty and gives a perfect ambiance for honeymoon. Some of its popular spots are Siddha Gufa, Annapurna trekking, jungle safari, and Serene silkworm farm.

7)GODAVARI:- This is a small but fairy tale like a destination. For peace lovers who enjoy the beauty of nature this place provides a great atmosphere. It is a small hill station isolated from human population which gives you free time along with great service and hospitality. Some of its key attractions are Naudhara Pagoda, national botanical garden and many more.

8)SARANGKOT:- This is known as the small and serene gateway to heaven. It provides the perfect atmosphere and delight for love birds. Its neighbors are Nagarkot. Like Nagarkot, it also allows viewing the ranges of Himalayas. The picturesque sunrise along with the beauty of Himalayas gives you one in a lifetime opportunity.

9)MUSTANG:- This place is for explorers. Mustang is located on one corner of Nepal a done corner of Tibet. This place has a mythical aura and preserves a lot of the Nepalese culture. It has small houses with archaeological beauty of gompas and monasteries which gives a vibe of the old medieval period.

10) PATAN:- Patan is an offbeat best destination for spiritual couples. This place is full of rich art and heritage of Nepal. What make the nepal honeymoon tour more colorful is the different facts of Hindu and Buddhism colors. Places like the Golden Temple, Patan museum, Krishna Mandir and Mul Chawk add beauty to its cultural side.