A History Buff’s Guide to Delhi

            Despite the corporate offices, international restaurants and world-class malls, Delhi is still a city steeped in history that speaks volumes about the Indian past. Intricately carved temples, century old forts and palaces, Indian capital is an ideal base to explore these heritage sites. The city has been a significant centre of financial and political activities in the past, right from the Mughal to the British era. It is every history buff’s paradise with architectural glories standing as memories of the era gone by. If you are planning to have a history walk in Delhi, here are the places that must be on your list:

The Classic Beauty QutubMinar: standing as the tower of victory, this 73 meter minaret was built 1000 years ago and is the second tallest minaret in India. Made of marble and sandstone, this most towering attraction of Delhi has numerous layers of history. The Qutub complexhas the first ever mosque built in India. As you explore this area, marvel the intricate stone carvings on the walls of the minarets, which is a perfect example of Mughal Islamic craftsmanship. This sky reaching tower with its fine details makes it an incredible attraction for all the history geeks.

The Masterpiece Red Fort: built in 1648 by Shah Jahan, Red fort is not just a symbol of Independence from the British rule but also a classic example of ingenuity that thrived under the Mughal Empire. If look you closely at the design of the building and the innovative garden, you will see a fusion of influences from the Hindu, Timurid, Persian and Islamic architecture. This magnificent fort attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. If you wish to know more about its rich heritage and significance, do visit the museum here which showcases the highlights of India’s freedom struggle.

The Indo-Persian Wonder Humayun’s Tomb:  built in 1570, this indo-Persian wonder is of specific cultural significanceas it was the first garden-tomb in Asia. The complex holds many other Mughal garden-tombs,such as Barber’s Tomb, Isa Khan, NilaGumbad that you must explore on your visit to this place. This architectural marvel also inspired many other architectural innovations, including the construction of the iconic TajMahal. Do not miss a visit to this spectacular red monument that holds immense historic significance when exploring the significant monuments of Delhi.

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