What Is An Esta And What Are Some Important Facts About It?

ESTA is simply Electronic System for Travel Authorisation to the US. It is an automated travel authorisation that is mandatory for all those who are travelling to, across or through the US by air or sea from the Visa Waiver Program countries. In simple words, anyone desirous of travelling to or even to other destinations through the US is required to apply for and get USA ESTA for hassle-free and legalised travelling. It is just an additional security check that makes you eligible to travel across the US without experiencing any problems. It has been mandated by the local governments operating in the US so as to ensure that anyone visiting their country or passing through it to other destinations is doing so in an authorised and legal manner. Here are some important facts that you must be aware of ESTA. Have a look.

ESTA is applicable online

It is one of the most important points and in fact benefits of USA ESTA. It can be applied very easily to the online mode. You may explore the internet and apply the same by filling in the requisite forms and fulfilling other documental formalities. Even you may pay application fee through online payment system using debit or credit cards or even modes of payment applicable for the same. It rules out the need for any personal meetings or interviews. It is applied as well as issued online. Thus it seems to be a time-saving option.

Must be applied through the official or authorised sites only

Since there are so many websites on the internet that may prompt you to apply for an ESTA, therefore, it is very much important to check authentication of the same. It is always suggested to apply ESTA though the official or authorised sites only to rule out the chances of any frauds or scams.

Allows hassle-free travelling for a period of two years

An ESTA once issued allows the travellers to make multiple trips to the US for a period of two years. It means you may travel to or from the US to other destinations for a period of two years without the need to get the same issued every time. Just make sure that your individual trip is less than or up to 90 days only.

Need renewal after two years

Of course, ESTA is valid for a period of two years only. It implies you need to get your USA ESTA renewed after two years. Remember the expiry date of your ESTA and get the same renewed well-in-time for problem-free and unobstructed travelling.

New ESTA required with a new passport

You certainly need to get a new ESTA granted if you have got a new passport. Even if your ESTA has a valid expiry date, you still need to apply for and get a new ESTA in case your passport has been renewed.

Acts as a travel authorisation only

Though you may get your ESTA granted or issued very quickly and easily however always keep in mind that it acts as a travel authorisation only.

With this information, you may clear all your doubts regarding ESTA and apply for one today!