The Guest Rulebook: Experience Home In A Yacht

Among anything else, staying in a yacht for most people is in their bucket list. You may ask yourself “why would I not like to stay in a yacht?”, because why not? There’s a lot of sites on the internet which offers a variation of prices for renting and owning a yacht, you can see sites offering a stay to experience the ride of your life at different places yacht rental hong kong.

yacht rental

Sailing experiences with a yacht charter offers the benefits and facilities in a floating villa. While you explore exciting destinations and enjoy the luxury, you find comfort and privacy from your own yacht or from renting. Bookings online may suggest you go to different sites for options to own a yacht at Whether you go for an ambiance of a vintage yacht or a new modern style, there will be that one yacht for you! While you look for a yacht of your choice, below is a guest rulebook guide made for you as you experience home in a yacht:

  • Always answer an invitation and never ask if you can get back to them at a later date as it puts the host on an awkward phase.
  • It is unwise to buy a fixed ticket. Since yachts are weather dependent, always prepare for changes to the itinerary. Ask if the transport is being provided and who to look out for.
  • Once on board, bear in mind that there is a set program. Be cautious not to cling too much to your host and be punctual especially at meal times.
  • Leave a tip, be generous. Be as generous as you feel, give a tip as the crews and captains made an effort to serve you right to leave you an incredible experience.
  • With regards to your diet, mention any dietary requirements you want to add when accepting your invitation — then the chef can provision.
  • Laundry and cabin etiquette. The laundry is being taken out of your cabin and returned on the same day, speak to the chief stewardess if you have any specific requirements. Maintain cleanliness inside your cabin as the yacht will be on the move.
  • Be nice towards the crew. The crew is there to serve you and help you to ensure that you have an amazing time. Be pleasant and polite, understand that they have a demanding job.
  • Water toys. Wait for the crew to instruct you on how best you can use them and take care of the costly water toys and follow them. Do not enter a yacht with a wet swimsuit after playing water sports.
  • Never drink alcoholic beverages more than you can handle. Avoid being a burden!
  • Leaving. Leave when you say so, unless the stewardess offers to pack for you and have more time, they you can relax for the scenario a bit longer than you should.

On a final note, enjoy the scenery as much as possible as it is the only way you can experience home in a worry-less and stress-free environment! Feel the comfort of your own home through the yacht you charter or you buy.