The Bride, The Groom and The Ride: Booking Your Wedding Wheels

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. But with all the preparations it entails, the wedding transportation sometimes gets overlooked. And that will be most unfortunate. Because yes, the wedding ceremony  may be well-prepared and the reception details ironed out, but you and your guests have to get there first.

So if you think about it that way, shouldn’t the wedding transportation be taken cared of first?

Here are tips to remember when booking your wedding transportation:

1.Choose and book your car company way in advance

Nine months is a good benchmark to book your car company.  Do it right after you’ve set the dates, the wedding and reception locations, and the wedding party size.

When you get this out of the way, you can focus on the other more intricate details about the wedding that need your attention.

2.Book your reservation in person

Sure you can research about car companies and their available rides  online but for your final choice and booking, be sure to do it in person. This way you can get a good look and feel of the car (or at least one that’s similar) you’re going to use on your wedding day before putting down your deposit.

3.Match your transport with your wedding vibe and style

 Triple Hummer Limos

A more traditional wedding needs a limousine. But if this is not your style, you can get creative and choose from many other options. There’re party buses, horse-drawn carriages, retro bikes, town Cars, shuttles, and many others out there. Research for ideas and match your wedding wheels with your vibes.

4.Be mindful that your attendants get a ride

Your guests may go to your wedding location on their own but they might need a ride to your venue on the actual wedding day.  So be mindful who among your guests may need a ride. If you’re not traveling with them to the venue (of course you’re not) provide a separate vehicle for them.  So book as many vehicle as you’ve determined you’d need well in advance.

5.Be specific with your needs

Because wedding transportation is supposed to be luxurious, specific requests like the kind of champagne on hand, the uniform of the driver or the music playlists inside the limo or car can usually be accommodated. Just make sure to put these specifics on your contract before signing.

Booking your wedding wheels may just be one of the many considerations of your overall wedding plans but it is an important consideration.

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