Local Delicacies in Guangzhou

Tourists have many different reasons for wanting to visit a particular destination. For some, they want to be away from the country where their workplaces are hosted. For some, it is an opportunity to make new friends and connections, while others want to circle something on their bucket lists. Whatever the reasons, vacations have always turned out to be worthy investments. Amazingly, the opportunity to enjoy different cuisines is also a motivation to book a flight to a different country.

Guangzhou cuisines are among the most enjoyed in the world. Here are some of Guangzhou delicacies you should try out on your next trip.

  1. Cantonese Rice Noodles

This is an affordable dish that you will find in most Guangzhou hotels. Also known as shehefen or hefen, is a delicious rice noodle dish that you must have a taste of. As the name suggests, the noodles are made from rice, and they are stir-fried with meat and vegetables. Note that the long rice strips can either be fried, served cold, cooked with soup, or dressed with a sauce. Since it is a local cuisine, you are unlikely to come across a backfired recipe. It is a meal you can enjoy at any corner of the city. Also, you can either choose to eat at the restaurant or do takeaway.

  1. Clay pot rice

This is among the most authentic cuisines you can find in Guangzhou. This is mainly it originated from here: you can, therefore, imagine how much the chefs have perfected their skills in the preparation of this delicacy. The preparation of the food is done in a pot, as the name of the cuisine suggests. The main ingredients include rice, chicken, cured meat, or even pork. This will depend on your preferences.

Rice is cooked first until it is medium ready in a clay pot. The other ingredients are added and allowed to cook together with the rice. The result is crusty and delicious rice. Some people prefer to add some soup on top to soften it, while others prefer it crunchy.

Being a native dish it is served everywhere in Guangzhou, and it is also very affordable.

  1. Roast goose

Roast goose

Rice is not the only delicacy that you can have in Guangzhou. If you are a meat lover, then there is something unforgettable for you: roast goose. You cannot speak about Guangzhou cuisine if you have not had a taste of this mouth-watering delicacy. It is a traditional roast dish that is being enjoyed up to date. The goose is roasted in cranberry soup, eliminating excess grease and giving the meat a red, crispy, and inviting look. The meat is also very juicy: it is worth several tries.


Tangbushuai, layered milk custard, and Wonton noodles are the other Guangzhou delicacies that you must try. No vacation is complete without tasting the local food, therefore, do not shy away from trying foreign cuisines. Better still, you can join cooking classes to learn how to prepare the meals listed above: you might miss them once you are back home.