Here’s How to Dine at a Restaurant

You think you have impeccable table manners but it is important that you evaluate it. This is to make a better impression during your next romantic or business dinner. So, before heading out there, here’s a refresher of dining etiquettes:

Think about what you will wear

While it is tempting to dress casually, you should think about what you will wear. If you are going to a fancy restaurant hong kong soho, skip rubber shoes or jeans and wear something nice. If you are not sure, it is wise to ask the restaurant in advance or you can check online.

Take your belongings off the table

Many people commit the mistake of putting phone, keys, and bags on the table. The table is only reserved for food and drinks – nothing else.

Avoid taking out your phone

It can be tempting to check your phone once in a while but you should avoid it. If you take your phone out, this will send a message to your company that whoever you are texting is more important. You should wait until the dinner is over before you send a reply message or email. However, if the matter is urgent, you should be courteous by excusing yourself.

Put the napkin accordingly

You can put the napkin on your lap as soon as you sit down. If you go to the restroom, you can put the napkin on the chair. When you are finished with your meal, you can now place the napkin on the table.

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Wait for everyone to be served before eating

Whether you are in restaurant peak or not, it is basic courtesy to wait for everyone to be served before you start eating. If you have to send back your order because it is not acceptable, you should make sure to tell the rest of the party to resume eating without you.

Refrain from calling out your waiter

When you need something, you should refrain from calling out your waiter. The best thing to do is to try to make eye contact. If this does not work, you can silently signal that you need something so the waiter will approach you. If all else fails, you should raise your hand in the direction of the waiter for attention.

Treat everyone with respect

Whether it is the manager, the waiter or the busser, you should treat everyone with respect – even if the food is not to your liking. Remember that this is likely not the fault of the waiter or the busser.

Tell in advance if you pay the whole bill

If you are hosting the party or you just want to pay for everyone’s meal, you should tell the waiter in advance to direct the check to you. If you want, you can give the waiter your card ahead of time. This is to ensure that no mistakes will be made.

Tip well

Before you leave, make it a habit to tip well. You have to understand that the waiter may not be working on an hourly wage, which means they depend on tips for their livelihood. At the bare minimum, tip 15% for satisfactory service and for outstanding service, you can give as much as 25%.