Find a Tropical Paradise on the Phi Phi Islands

If you want to find a place to enjoy tropical bliss, you won’t be disappointed if you book travel in Koh Phi Phi. While these two islands do draw crowds, you can still find some remote oases – places where you can sit back and relax and find peace and quiet.

The Location of Phi Phi

The Phi Phi islands represent two large rocky outcrops that lie near Phuket. Only one of the islands, Phi Phi Don, welcomes habitation. The other isle, Phi Phi Le does not feature a flat terrain. You can book accommodations on Phi Phi Don that will suit your budget and tastes. Properties range from budget-type cottages to high-class four-star resorts. All of these hotels are located in one of five beach zones.

The Ideal Island Escape for Couples or Families

While some of the structures cater to families, others like to provide romantic escapes. The glorious beauty of Phi Phi Don has been given the distinction of being one of the most beautiful tropical islands worldwide. Many tourists of the isle take a daytrip from Phuket. Some of the visitors do not like the crowded village of Ton Sai, a touristy enclave that they believe ruins the otherwise tropical appeal of the place.

Taking the More Tranquil Route

However, you don’t have to search far for an escape from this type of hustle-and-bustle, especially when you enjoy the removed and tranquil atmosphere of Laem Tong Beach in Phi Phi Don. This shore line attracts many younger tourists who enjoy the evening disco dance clubs. Quality three-star and four-star hotels lie along this part of the coast.

Other Shores to Consider

Besides the aforementioned beach, you can also find tropical fun in places such as Long Beach and Loh Ba Kao Bay. However, if you want to find the ideal getaway, you cannot beat Laem Tong. The beach, which features four resorts, is located north on the Phi Phi Don island. While the water is shallow, it is also sparkling and clear. When the sun comes out, the water transforms into a turquoise gem. Because the water is shallow, visitors can swim at high tide.

Do You Like Snorkeling?

If you love snorkeling, you can find a spot here. If you want to find the ultimate romantic escape or family fun isle, you will find it when you settle on Laem Tong Beach, you can contact your hotel about getting to the resort. You can access this part of Phi Phi from the Krabi Airport or the airport in Phuket. Arrange airport-to-hotel transfer in advance, and you can get to the island by speedboat or public ferry.

If you travel by speed boat, you can get to your hotel in about one hour. Travel via public ferry takes about three hours overall. That is the estimated travel time from Phuket. If you choose to go from Krabi, the speed boat will get you to your destination in about 45 minutes, and a public ferry can get you where you need to go in about two hours.