Best Themed Restaurants USA

There are so many places to eat out in the US, let alone the world, so sometimes you need a little something special to set you apart. The restaurants in our list below have so much more to offer diners than just a delicious meal, it’s an entire experience!

The Cave

From the menu it may seem like just another American steakhouse, but the location of this restaurant is what makes it so iconic. This 250 seater restaurant overlooks the Gasconade River and is located in a giant cave. With cheese steaks, stuffed mushrooms and peppers, you’ll need to work up a serious appetite before visiting this place. Being out in nature, you can enjoy a canoe trip up the river or float down instead. Richland Missouri is an outdoor lover’s dream and perfect for the whole family.


As the name suggests, this New York gem takes you on a trip around the world to the mystical mountains of Japan. You enter a village of ninjas ambling over quaint bridges and around large boulders. Although we can’t claim to know whether this place is based on accurate historical facts, it’s still pretty cool and worth the visit. Diners can enjoy traditional sushi and steak accompanied by a never-ending stream of sake.  Your waitrons are of course dressed as traditional ninja warriors. These restaurant staff clothing are absolutely classic and really bring the theme to life.

Harvey Washbangers

Probably one of the most unique dining experience you can find, is located in College Station, Texas. It’s not often you can get a bite to eat and your washing done at the same time, but at Harvey Washbangers, you can get your banging burger while your laundry is in its cycle. With a pub styled atmosphere and a killer menu to boot, there’s no better place to get your household chores done in style.

Safe House, Milwaukee

Whoever came up with this idea seriously deserves a medal. In the relatively unassuming town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a secret place where spies eat their meals. It may take some time to find it, but you’ll need a password to get access, but once inside it’s a dining experience for all the spy movie lovers. The Safe House offers the ultimate display of spy gadgets, secret passageways and the waiters a dressed Cold War characters.

Magic Restroom Café

Where else could you find such a place but in Los Angeles, California. You quite literally can sit on the loo and eat your dinner – what more could you ask for? The story goes that this genius idea is born from an 8 year old’s imagination with plenty of cringe-worthy puns on the menu. You can enjoy Taiwanese cuisine while being seated on a real “porcelain throne” (not functional of course!).