2020 had been hard for all of us. The entire year we were fighting with a monster virus called Covid 19. This virus has changed the entire scenario of our living. We have gone through some never-expected phases. We, the entire nation have witnessed the toughest time for the entire universe. But fortunately, a bad year doesn’t mean the end of hope. Rather with the discovery of vaccines we have started expecting a better year, we have started imagining a year without lockdown. And to make our imagination a bit more colourful, a bit more exciting we are listing some super cool places where we could go when this lockdown eases.

Spa breaks are super relaxing- the previous year has impacted our mental health so badly. More than 60% of people have got Major Depressive Disorder because of this sudden change of living. But we have to remember the necessity of a healthy mental life and to do so we can plan a small relaxing outing on our weekend. There are amazing places like spa breaks Scotland that offer exclusive spa treatments. Such spa breaks include facials, anti-tanning treatments, aromatherapy, Scraping, head massages, manicures, foot treatments, and more. Also, such spa breaks let you stay in five-star luxury hotels, offer delicious meals on time, and provide every facility like WI-FI, Swimming pool, spa kits, exciting outdoor activities. Moreover, it offers you everything that you need to cope up with this extremely monotonous situation. Also most importantly such spa breaks have taken every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of visitors. Proper sanitization to thermal check-up everything is a prime concern here.

2 nights 3 days in a Cruise- A cruise journey is always exciting. Also, the peaceful ambiance of a cruise lets you soothe your soul, soothe your mind which you badly need these days. Imagine looking at the beautiful sunset at the top of the sea while having your favourite cup of coffee. Yes, it provides that kind of relaxation. Also, it doesn’t require a lot of days. You could easily complete the entire trip within just 2 nights, 3 days on a cruise.

Mountains could be a great escape- Mountains are another great option where you can plan a post-lockdown trip. The super calming environment a mountain has is what people need these days. The bonfire adventures, the thrill of trekking, and the solitary ambiance of a mountain will distract your mind for a while and will give you some ever cherishing memories. Just confirm your stay in a safe place where all the Covid-19 precautions have been taken.

Hope is what keeps us alive. And with the hope for betterment let’s plan a post-lockdown trip. But before choosing your travel destinations know about the safety rules they follow regarding Covid-19.

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