Travelling is one of the most favourite hobbies that people indulge in. People love to travel, be it full time or for some short trips. Australia is one of the most beautiful destinations to travel to. Australia has lots of spots to see. One of the most popular spots is Patterson Lakes Marina. It is the largest marina located in Victoria, Australia. Patterson Lakes Marina is known to be the gateway for port Phillip Bay and the peninsula.

It takes very less travel time to get to Patterson Lakes Marina from Melbourne and Portsea. This makes it an ideal marina for boating. It is a suitable harbour for boat storage and mooring of boats. This marina has various facilities available, including complete boat repairs, entertainment facilities, restaurants and fuelling operations for boats. This marina is ideal for sightseeing of St. Kilda’s Luna, the beaches of Sorrento and the Queenscliff. All you need is to rent a boat and go for the best sightseeing experience of your life.

Facilities of Patterson Lakes

There are plenty of facilities available on Patterson Lakes Marina, making it a must-visit on your travel list, such as:

–           Various options to choose from for dining

Patterson Lakes Marina

–           Waterside restaurants

–           Boating

–           Ideal sightseeing location

–           Dry boat storage

–           Wet berth marina boat storage

–           Fuel dock which is working 24/7

–           Diesel and unfiltered fuel both are available

–           Jet ski storage is available

–           Perfect marina to go for sightseeing

–           Servicing is available

Patterson Lakeshas a large hardstand area that can help accommodate boats about 60 feet in length. The hardstand is near purpose-built factories, which ensure all marina service facilities are available. It has both dry stack storage and wet berth marina boat storage. Dry storage keeps your boat stored in a safe place and away from elements. Dry storage is most suitable for those who do not visit their boats a lot or go in the water quite often. Wet berth marina storage is for those who prefer to keep their boats in the water as they are frequent users of the boat and visit the water a lot.

If you are in Australia or visiting Australia, then Patterson lakes marina must be on your travel itinerary as it is one spot that should not be missed. You can go boating from this marina. If you are a boat or jet ski owner, this can be the perfect spot for its storage. This is the ideal spot to visit the beaches of Sorrento, the Queenscliff and St. Kilda’s Luna Park. It also has various options to select from for food and even has the option of eating your meal visit the water view. All this makes it one marina no one should miss from their travel itinerary.

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